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Grains of Truth

by Joshua A. Fogel

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TitleGrains of Truth
AuthorJoshua A. Fogel
PublisherRowman & Littlefield
Publication Date2013


Following the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E., Judaism faced a serious crossroads. The rabbis of late antiquity spent the next few centuries immersed in extensive debates in an effort to create an ethical and practical basis for a Torah-based faith. Their discussions constitute the bulk of what we know as the Talmud. This collection is not only massive; it is forbidding difficult, having accumulated numerous commentaries over the centuries since it first appeared. Recent translations have made it somewhat more accessible to English-language readers, but textual difficulties remain. This volume looks at tractate Menachot (grain offerings), which is concerned mostly with grain offered at the Temple (when it stood) to atone for various misdeeds. Joshua A. Fogel approaches the text, page by page, commenting with doses of humor and comparisons in a manner meant to explain and humanize the text for contemporary readers.

About the Author 

Joshua A. Fogel ---

Joshua A. Fogel is Canada Research Chair in the Department of History at York University. His research interests include Jewish history and thought, as well as the cultural dimension of Sino-Japanese relations. His most recent works include: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Reading Tractate Horayot of the Babylonian Talmud (Hamilton Books, 2013); Daily Reflections on Idolatry: Reading Tractate Avodah Zarah of the Babylonian Talmud (Hamilton Books, 2012); Japanese Historiography and the Gold Seal of 57 C.E.: Relic, Text, Object, Fake (Brill, 2013); and Articulating the Sinosphere: Sino-Japanese Relations in Space and Time (Harvard University Press, 2009).


Author's Introduction
1. All Grain Offerings (dapim 2a-13a)
2. Performing Kometz on a Grain Offering (dapim 13a-17a)
3. The Great Kometz (dapim 17a-38a)
4. The Techelet (dapim 38a-52b)
5. All Grain Offerings Are Brought as Unleavened Bread (dapim 52b-63b)
6. Rabbi Yishmael (dapim 63b-72b)
7. These Grain Offerings Subject to Kemitzah (dapim 72b-76b)
8. The Thanksgiving Offering Used to Be Brought (dapim76b-83b)
9. All Community Offerings (dapim83b-87a)
10. Two Measures (dapim87a-94a)
11. Two Loaves (dapim 94a-100b)
12. Grain Offerings and Libations (dapim100b-104b)
13. I Must Bring an Issaron of Flour (dapim104b-110a) Glossary of Selected Terms Index of Tannaim and Amoraim Index to Biblical and Rabbinic References

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