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iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things
preview of book iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things
text of book iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things

iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: February 2002
Subject: Computer: Programming -- RPG
Category: Programming
Number of Pages: 321

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About this title
PLEASE NOTE: The location of the code that accompanies this book has been changed since the print edition was published. To obtain the code for all the examples in the book, go to the Contents tab at

Bored with the same old look for the same old programs in the same old RPG? Consider this book your guide to "cool things" that you can program on the iSeries and AS/400.

OS/400 may be one of the most reliable platforms available for business users, but face it, the same old green-screen applications are boring. It's time to change all that with techniques that can completely revitalize the look and feel of your applications!

This book shows you how to use some unique techniques to give a whole new face to your iSeries and AS/400 applications.

To start off, you'll get a suite of techniques you can use with your green-screen programs: Query Manager/400, advanced display DDS functions, user-defined ILE functions, and Advanced Function Printing. Section II gives you tools you can use to give your PC client applications and interfaces more function and usability with ADO, OLE DB, and FTP. And finally, you'll dive into the world of the Internet in Section III to explore the possibilities of using your iSeries or AS/400 as you develop Web pages, implement e-mail, and even use ActiveX Data Objects to develop applications in Visual Basic. This book will add a whole new set of weapons to your iSeries development arsenal.

The techniques in this book will help you:
  • Create user-defined ILE functions
  • Use Enhanced Display Functions to dress up green-screen applications
  • Learn how to use Advanced Function Printing DDS functions
  • Learn to use OLE DB and ADO with the iSeries
  • Create Active Server Pages to display and update data on the iSeries
  • Use AFP overlays in place of preprinted forms
  • Send iSeries reports to an SMTP e-mail address as an RTF or HTML file
  • Use Query Manager/400 as an alternative for creating printed reports
  • Access your iSeries or AS/400 remotely through the Internet
About author
Mike Faust
Mike Faust has been working with midrange systems and personal computers for over a decade, wearing every hat from network administrator to software developer to MIS manager. During that time, he has focused his attention on integration between platforms, and he has used that multiplatform knowledge to stretch perceived programming limitations by developing new and sometimes surprising programming techniques. Mike has also written more than a dozen technical articles for the former Midrange Computing magazine, one of which was a finalist for the 2000 Maggie magazine awards in the Best How-to Article category.

Chapter 1: Creating Reports with Query Manager/400
Query Manager Queries
Query Manager Report Forms
Query Manager Tables
Query Manager Profiles
Query Manager Procedures

Chapter 2: Creating Green Screen GUI Applications
Display File Windows
Building Menus
Additional GUI Objects

Chapter 3: ILE RPG User-Defined Functions
Creating the Modules
Useable Samples
Pop-Up Calendar
Message Box
Pop-Up Calculator
List Box

Chapter 4: Advanced Function Printing
The Set Up
The Keywords
Page Definition Keywords
Text and Font Keywords
Graphic Keywords

Chapter 5: ADO, OLE DB, and Other Acronyms
File Viewer Application
Report Writing
File Update Application

Chapter 6: FTP, File Transfer, and More
FTP Basics
FTP Scripting
The iSeries 400 as an FTP Client
Error Handling with FTP Scripts

Chapter 7: DB2/400 Web Pages on IIS
DB2/400 Web Reports
Updating Data from a Web Page

Chapter 8: Internet E-Mail from the iSeries
The Set Up
SMTP Report Distribution
Extending SNDRPTEML Functionality

Chapter 9: Web to 400
Web-to-Host Concepts
iSeries Web Client

Chapter 10: Looking Back and Forward
Combining Techniques
ILE Convert Date Function
DB2/400 And SQL Server
Time Flies

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