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Administering Informix Dynamic Server
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Administering Informix Dynamic Server

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: September 2008
Subject: Computer: Database Management & Development
Number of Pages: 450

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About this title
In Administering Informix Dynamic Server: Building the Foundation, author Carlton Doe describes and explains the functionality of the Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) data server and the procedures required to administer and maintain database systems. This book takes a What do I need to know and do to make this work? point of view, covering all of the major functional areas of the database server.

This expertly written resource presents an organized method of designing, installing, initializing, and monitoring the data server; creating instance objects; protecting against failure; and managing day-to-day activities. As a foundational book, it focuses on the skills you need to have to be successful when using this data server, explaining what it is, how it is different from other servers, how it works, and how to use it as efficiently as possible.

Both current IDS customers who need to upgrade from earlier versions of the data server and those who have never used IDS before will find this volume useful. And those who have been using lower-functionality data servers, such as open-source servers, and now need to move to a real, enterprise-class data server will find it particularly valuable.

Simply put, if you're dealing with IDS and have better things to do than read the 1,600-plus pages of documentation included with the server, then this is exactly the book you need!

With Administering Informix Dynamic Server, Building the Foundation, you will:
  • Learn about new functionality in the latest release, IDS 11.5
  • Develop the skills necessary to administer the Informix data server
  • Gain an understanding of monitoring instance operations
  • Discover the secrets of how to protect against failure
  • Learn the procedures required to administer and maintain your IDS database system
About author
Carlton Doe
Carlton Doe is, according to his youngest daughter, a total technical dweeb. She shouldn't complain, though, because his involvement with Informix products since the early 1990s has kept her clothed, fed, and sheltered. He has been a DBA, a Data Server Administrator, and a 4GL Developer and very active in the Informix user group community. In fact, he was one of the five founders of the International Informix Users Group (IIUG). He is best known for having written a number of Informix-oriented books, articles, IBM white papers, and IBM Redbooks (as a co-author) and for his classes and presentations. Carlton is an Executive IT Specialist for IBM with responsibilities covering the Americas Geographies. He lives in Dallas with his family (who still complain about the amateur radio antennas on the roof) and his neighbor's dog puppy.

About This Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Informix Dynamic Server
What Is Informix Dynamic Server?
The Informix Dynamic Server Model
Key Terminology

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Extensibility
What Is Extensibility and Why Should You Care?
Extensible Data Types
User-Defined Routines and Aggregates
Functional Indexes
DataBlades, Bladelets, and Other Add-ons

Chapter 3: Preparing for Initialization
Logical Database Design
Calculating Table Sizes
Disk Drive Issues
Using Cooked Files or Raw Space for Dbspaces
Dbspace Design Issues
Kernel Tuning
Backup Strategies
Setting Up the Environment
Multiple Residency Issues

Chapter 4: Installing and Initializing IDS
Installing or Upgrading the Server
Understanding and Modifying Configuration Parameters
Starting the Instance for the First Time
The Sys Databases

Chapter 5: Basic Administrative Tasks
Informix Administration Utilities
Changing Operating Modes
Changing Database Logging Modes
Managing Dbspaces and BLOBspaces
Creating, Moving, and Resizing Logs
Starting and Stopping IDS Automatically
Basic Instance Access Control and Security
Terminating a User Session

Chapter 6: Building a Database Environment
The dbaccess Utility
Database Logging Modes
Creating the Database
Table and Index Creation and Partitioning
Constraints, Referential Integrity, and Indexes
Populating the Database
Concurrency and Isolation Levels
Some SQL Statements of Interest
The dbschema Utility

Chapter 7: Backing Up and Restoring
Backup Strategies
Logical Log Backup
Backup Devices
Understanding the Backup Process
Restore Options
Using the Ontape Utility
Using ON-Bar and the Informix Storage Manager
Verifying Backups with Archecker
Using the Table-Level Restore Functionality

Chapter 8: Monitoring the Instance
The New System Administration Interface
Command-Line Utilities
Instance and System Monitoring Through OAT

Table Sizing Worksheets
Using the Simple Worksheet
Using the Full Worksheet
"The Platinum Standard for any reference work about Informix Dynamic Server."
— Scott Pickett, IBM Informix Dynamic Server, WW Technical Sales

"This is the perfect handbook for people wanting to learn Informix."
— Mark Jamison, Premium Support Analyst, Informix

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