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Civil Rights in New York City
preview of book Civil Rights in New York City
text of book Civil Rights in New York City

Civil Rights in New York City

Publisher: Fordham
Publication Date: 2011
Category: General
Grades: Optional
Number of Pages: 294
Appropriate for: General readers, upper-division undergraduate students, graduate students, and research faculty
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About this title

Since the 1960s, most U.S. History has been written as if the civil rights movement were primarily or entirely a Southern history. This book joins a growing body of scholarship that demonstrates the importance of the Northern history of the movement. The contributors make clear that civil rights in New York City were contested in many ways, beginning long before the 1960s, and across many groups with a surprisingly wide range of political perspectives. Civil Rights in New York City provides a sample of the rich historical record of the fight for racial justice in the city that was home to the nation's largest population of African-Americans in mid-twentiethcentury America.

The ten contributions brought together here address varying aspects of New York's civil rights struggle, including the role of labor, community organizing campaigns, the pivotal actions of prominent national leaders, the movement for integrated housing, the fight for racial equality in public higher education, and the part played by a revolutionary group that challenged structural, societal inequality. Long before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Reverend Adam Clayton Powell Jr. helped launch the Harlem Bus Boycott of 1941. The New York City's Teachers' Union had been fighting for racial equality since 1935. Ella Baker worked with the NAACP and the city's grassroots movement to force the city to integrate its public school system. In 1962, a direct action campaign by Brooklyn CORE, a racially integrated membership organization, forced the city to provide better sanitation services to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn's largest black community. Integrating Rochdale Village in South Jamaica, the largest middle-class housing cooperative in New York, brought together an unusual coalition of leftists, liberal Democrats, moderate Republicans, pragmatic government officials, and business executives.

In reexamining these and other key events, Civil Rights in New York City reaffirms their importance to the larger national fight for equality for Americans across racial lines.

About author
Clarence Taylor

Clarence Taylor is Professor of History and Black and Hispanic Studies at Baruch College and Professor of History at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He is the author of The Black Churches of Brooklyn and Black Religious Intellectuals.


Civil rights in New York City: from World War II to the Giuliani era, ed. by Clarence Taylor. Fordham, 2011. 282p index afp; ISBN 9780823232895; ISBN 9780823232918 e-book, contact publisher for price. Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE.

Taylor (history, City Univ. of New York) edited this volume containing ten essays from a variety of scholars in black and Hispanic studies, history, and political science. The editor maintains that the preponderance of scholarly attention to civil rights has concentrated on efforts in the South. This work is intended to document the civil rights movement in the North from WW II until the end of the last century. The distinguishing component of the effort in the North was the variety of participants (i.e., some members of the American Communist Party, the religious community, liberals, and Black Nationalists). Taylor writes that "[t]his book demonstrates that the struggle for civil rights in New York City has a long history and has been fought in a number of venues by numerous groups and individuals with a variety of political perspectives." In other words, the book reveals little that is new. It is well written, adequately footnoted, and contains a useful index. The inclusion of at least one rigorous statistical essay would have added to the value of the volume.

Summing Up: Optional. General readers, upper-division undergraduate students, graduate students, and research faculty. -- J. S. Robey, University of Texas at Brownsville

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