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Programming Portlets

by Joey Bernal, Peter Blinstrubas, Tim Hanis, Stefan Hepper, Ron Lynn, Cayce Marston, Usmon Memon, Varadarajan Ramamoorthy

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TitleProgramming Portlets
AuthorsJoey Bernal, Peter Blinstrubas, Tim Hanis, Stefan Hepper, Ron Lynn, Cayce Marston, Usmon Memon, Varadarajan Ramamoorthy
PublisherMC Press Online
Publication DateApril 2007
SubjectComputer: WebSphere


Portals have evolved from simple Web applications with multiple links to an enterprise application delivery platform that serves composite applications. In a world where organizations are gearing up with service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategies and reworking existing apps to fit the Web 2.0 programming model, portals are strategic infrastructure components on every CIO's radar. As companies move toward SOA, portlets become an even hotter topic. Portlets provide the user interface for these services. IBM's unwavering commitment to open standards such as Java Specification Request (JSR 168) and its strong presence in the application server market (with IBM WebSphere Application Server) have helped establish WebSphere Portal as a leader among available portal solutions in the market.

Programming Portlets, Second Edition takes developers down a path of understanding all the latest concepts, including SOA, AJAX, and best practices to consider when building a J2EE-based portal.

The book offers the reader the tools and information necessary to develop portlets and portal applications in two ways. Part 1 focuses on building portlets that will adhere to the JSR 168 API standard. This allows developers who want to use any JSR 168compliant portlet container to quickly build quality portlets. Part 2 extends the focus to building JSR 168compliant portlets for the IBM WebSphere Portal Server and includes information on portlet extensions and WebSphere Portal capabilities that can be leveraged in a portal development effort.

Among the many things you will find inside Programming Portlets, Second Edition:
  • Addition of extensive JSR 168 material
  • Updates for WebSphere Portal (V6)
  • Coverage of new technologies such as IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory and Lotus Workplace Forms Ways to use AJAX in portlets
  • Explanation of how portals and portlets fit into SOA
  • Method for creating JSR 168compliant portlets using IBM WebSphere
  • IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory, Workplace Forms, and creation of portal services
  • Instructions for building complex portlets quickly using Rational Application Developer or WebSphere Portlet Factory
  • Use of JavaServerTM Faces in portlets
  • Proper use of JSTL with regard to portlets Effective integration of Struts in the portal framework
  • Ways of inter-portlet communication
  • Method to build a portlet from the ground up quickly and effectively
  • The best practices of portlet development
  • Valuable information resources, including examples of various types of portlets

About the Authors 

Joey Bernal ---

Joey Bernal is an executive IT specialist with Software Services for Lotus and a member of the WebSphere Portal Practice. Senior certified with IBM as an IT specialist, he has an extensive background in the design and development of portal and Web applications. He is the coauthor of several books, including Programming Portlets, 2nd Edition; Programming Portlets: The IBM Portal Solutions Giuide for Practitioners; and, from a previous life, Professional Site Server 3.0. He also contributes to his popular blog, WebSphere Portal in Action.

Before joining IBM, Joey was the director of IT for an incentive and performance improvement company. He was also the lead technical advisor and architect of multiple high-profile Internet and intranet applications for several Fortune 500 companies.

Peter Blinstrubas ---

Peter Blinstrubas is a Portal Consultant on the World Wide Technical Sales Team of IBM. Peter has worked with WebSphere Portal Server since the initial 1.1 release. Peter has a rich background in application development for systems based on CORBA and J2EE technologies. He frequently lectures on Portal Security, Portlet Development, and Portal Architecture around the world.

Tim Hanis ---

Tim Hanis has extensive experience in development and consulting services using WebSphere Portal. He coauthored the book Mastering IBM WebSphere Portal (Wiley 2004) and published several articles on portlet development. He is a senior software engineer at the IBM Research Triangle Park lab in North Carolina and is currently working in the area of Radio Frequency Identification.

Stefan Hepper ---

Stefan Hepper is the responsible architect for the WebSphere Portal, Workplace Client and Server programming model and public APIs and was co-leading the Java Portlet Specification V 1.0 (JSR 168) and is now leading the V 2.0 (JSR 286). Stefan has delivered a number of lectures at international conferences such as JavaOne. He has published various papers and was co-author of the book Pervasive Computing (Addison-Wesley 2001). Stefan received a Diploma of Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, and in 1998 he joined the IBM Böblingen Development Laboratory.

Ron Lynn ---

Ron Lynn, senior software engineer on the IBM Web Enablement Team, has led, designed, and developed numerous Web projects for IBM. He has co-authored two books on WebSphere Portal portlets.

Cayce Marston ---

Cayce Marston is a Senior I/T Specialist within the IBM Worldwide Technical Sales team. He joined IBM as part of the PureEdge Solutions acquisition in mid-2005, where he held the position of Solutions Engineering Manager. Before joining PureEdge, Cayce worked as a consultant and software architect in the telecom and financial services industries. His areas of expertise include Workplace Forms, XForms, systems integration, and SOA. Cayce has authored a range of forms-related publications, including the white paper i<>Extending SOA with XForms and the IBM Redbook IBM Workplace Forms: Guide to Building and Integrating a Sample Workplace Forms Application.

Usmon Memon ---

Usman Memon is an IT Architect and Services Lead with IBM's Software Services for Lotus WebSphere Portal Technology Group. Usman has led architecture and design of several enterprise-level portal engagements. Before joining IBM/Bowstreet, Usman spent two years as a management consultant with Ernst & Young LLP, where he assisted Fortune 500 clients in the insurance and health-care verticals on strategic engagements. Usman is a requested technical speaker and has authored several technical articles related to Portal and Service-Oriented Architecture.

Varadarajan Ramamoorthy ---

Varadarajan (Varad) Ramamoorthy is a portal consultant with IBM Software Services for Lotus as part of the Portal Technology Team. He has been working with Portal since the initial release. Varad has led several successful portal projects by helping the clients with architecture, design, development, and deployment. He writes articles frequently on various portal related topics and speaks at conferences.

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