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Marketing Playbook

by John M. Fox

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TitleMarketing Playbook
AuthorJohn M. Fox
PublisherEagle Cross Publishing
Publication DateMarch 1, 2005


Marketing Playbook:TM The Manual for Growing Organizations--102 of the Best Marketing Plays to Get Your Sales Team Across the Goal Line The Marketing Playbook is filled with 102 Marketing "Plays" covering a wide range of topics such as Google Adwords to breaking through voicemail-jail to P.R. Every Play includes vendor costs, many of which are industry secrets (until now). The Marketing Playbook goes beyond the usual arm waving and gives you the detail and the explanation so you can try them out yourself. Not just an idea book--It's a How-to and What-for Manual for growing organizations. The power of Marketing Playbook comes through its deep insight into how marketing projects get done and the resources you'll need to successfully execute each Play. It identifies the steps and provides visual samples, benchmark costs and coaching points for each of its 102 marketing Plays. The book even provides a complete bibliographic index of other marketing experts and proven marketing vendors. Just knowing who to call is invaluable on its own. Plays cover both strategy and tactics and are organized by the Sales Stage where plays will most effectively help the Sales team move the ball forward.

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