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Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (Electronic Edition in 12 v. plus index, il)
Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (Electronic Edition in 12 v. plus index, il)
by James Hastings / Varda Books

Remade from scratch at a tremendous expense, the electronic edition of this important work is in class all by itself. The Encyclopedia's subject matter is comprehensive: it includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology; it also contains tens of thousands of names of persons and places connected with these subjects.

Encyclopedia's editor James Hastings was assisted in this monumental undertaking by John A. Selbie and hundreds of other eminent scholars.

" ...grand in vision and impressive in accomplishment, (it) represents a scholarly achievement of the first importance. Intended to provide an account of the various aspects of religion (beliefs, rituals, philosophies, theologies, ethics) among peoples the world over and in all ages, the encyclopedia became a reference work with no compeer for more than half a century.

Exemplary of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century interest in producing encyclopedic collections of knowledge in various fields, the encyclopedia became both a resource for reviewing the results of scholarship concerning the study of religion and an impetus for the extension of knowledge of peoples and cultures the world over, thus transcending the prior provincialism of much of Western scholarship, " wrote F. Stanley Lusby in 1986 16-volume Encyclopedia of Religion, the editors of whichled by Mircea Eliadeviewed themselves as the authors of the work aiming to supersede Hastings's Encyclopedia.

Present in almost every library, Encyclopedia is a recommended and much in use standard reference title in the field of religion. Now in a new, electronic, searchable format, this treasure of human knowledge has been made affordable for purchase by individuals for the first time.

free ebook Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (Electronic Edition in 12 v. plus index, il)
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