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Here you'll find answers to many general and technical questions.

Why should I read e-books instead of paper books?

Do I need any special hardware to run the Adobe eBook Reader?

What e-book titles are available?

Where can I order e-books?

How can I be sure buying from the Glassbook Bookstore is safe?

If I don't download the dictionary with my Adobe eBook Reader, can I still get it later?

How long does it take to download the Adobe eBook Reader?

How long does it take to download an e-book?

How much do e-books cost?

Can I read Adobe e-books on my Rocket eBook or SoftBook Reader?

How is the Adobe eBook Reader able to display color graphics and fancy typefaces?

What's the difference between Acrobat and the Adobe eBook Reader?

How much do the Adobe eBook Readers cost?

What happens to the book when I'm done reading it?

Can I print and copy my e-books?

What hardware is best for viewing e-books?

Does the Adobe eBook Reader support subpixel rendering technology?

Does the Adobe eBook Reader support the Open eBook (OEB) Publication Structure?

Can I read other PDF files using the Adobe eBook Reader?

Technical Questions

What technical support resources does Adobe provide?

Can I use the Adobe eBook Reader on my Palm device?

Does the Adobe eBook Reader run on Linux?

Are there certain applications that aren't compatible with the Adobe eBook Reader?

Why am I getting an Interlok driver device error?

How can I copy my e-books from my desktop to my laptop computer?

What files do I need for back-up purposes?

What would cause the error message "unable to certify/download books (firewall/proxy)"?

What should I do if I see a message in the Glassbook bug report form that says my Adobe eBook Reader needs certification?

What should I do if I cannot open the EBX transfer file?

Why do I need Internet Explorer to use the Reader?

What should I do with the .ETD file that I downloaded?

Why can't I pan text while in Zoom mode?

Are there any problems running the Reader under Windows 2000?

Why can't I install the Adobe eBook Reader on my Windows NT system?

Can I run the Adobe eBook Reader and a debugger at the same time?

Why do I get the error "Out of memory" when reading a PDF file that I brought into the Adobe eBook Reader?