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eBook Talmud: Mesekhet B'rakhot, in 4 volumes
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Publisher:  The Jewish Theological Seminary Press
Published:  2012
Language:  Hebrew
Pages:   1702

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$ 85.00 

ISBN: 0-87334-116-3

About the Book -- Talmud: Mesekhet B'rakhot, in 4 volumes

This is a re-issue of "Pirushim ve-Chidumim be-Yerushalmi" published in 1941 with English title "A Commentary on the Palestinian Talmud". It is considered the second most import work by Louis Ginzberg -- published after Ginzberg' seven-volume Legends of the Jews -- that has contributed to the author's fully deserved reputation. At the time of the original publication, it came out in three volumes. The fourth volume appeared in 1961 arranged and edited posthumously by David Halivni, a student of Saul Lieberman, who went on to become a recipient of Bialik's Prize for Jewish Thought and Israel Prize for Talmudic Scholarship. The current edition includes all four volumes and its title has been changed to reflect better the author's original intent and the content. This great work on the development of the Halakha and Haggadah in the Land of Israel and Babylonia comes also with a very interesting 67-page long English Introduction on the subject which, if published alone, would have been worth the price of this edition.

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