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eBook Friends forever
Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Original Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Published:  2011
Language:  English
Pages:   290

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Scholar eBook

$ 26.99 

ISBN: 9781442202023

About the Book -- Friends forever

Through thick and thin and everything along the way, it's through friendships that we understand our lives. In this book, authors Suzanne Degges-White and Christine Borzumato-Gainey not only explore the roles friendships play for girls and women over the course of a life, but offer a guide to finding new friends and enhancing current relationships. Using interviews with hundreds of women, spanning the ages of 4 to 94, Friends Forever provides readers with a contemporary perspective on female friendship. These personal stories, informed by the latest research on friendship, offer a rich and colorful picture that combines a life stage chronology of friendship with a guide for becoming the friend you would like to have while building strong friendships along the way.

Readers will learn how to design and sustain their ideal friendscape, the dynamic and often misunderstood realm in which such bonds flourish. The authors thoughtfully examine the biological and cultural drive towards social connections among women and provide self-reflection and self-exploration opportunities that encourage readers to better understand their own roles in relationships and the roles that others in their social landscapes play.

About the Book


Degges-White, Suzanne. Friends forever: how girls and women forge lasting relationships, by Suzanne Degges-White and Christine Borzumato-Gainey. Rowman & Littlefield, 2011. 279p bibl index afp; ISBN 9781442202009; ISBN 9781442202023 e-book. Reviewed in 2011nov CHOICE.

This readable, research-based study is both an academic resource and a self-help book for women wanting to deepen friendships or broaden their friendship circles. The authors, who are both counselors and scholars, review the concept of friendship from various viewpoints: individual psychology, social psychology, and individual well-being and personal development. The book's 20 chapters (organized into five sections) examine friendship across the life span, from early childhood to old age, and across life conditions (single, married, divorced, parenting, career, and so on). Not included in the developmental discussion are issues of race and religion across friends; such analysis would have made the book richer than it already is. The first section reviews human social connection, offering some historical background and commenting on social media in friendships; the second considers friendship from a developmental perspective. The last three sections offer self-help materials: how to analyze oneself as a friend, understand one's friendship landscape, and build and sustain friendships over time. Including chapter references, this book is useful in both academic and personal settings--including by psychotherapists as bibliotherapy.

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates; faculty; professionals; general readers. -- D. L. Loers, Wartburg College

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