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eBook A Journey of Heart and Mind
Publisher:  JTSA PRESS
Original Publisher:  JTSA PRESS
Published:  2011
Language:  English
Pages:   270

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About the Book -- A Journey of Heart and Mind

Over the last twenty years, the Jewish community system has invested considerable hopes and substantial resources in the burgeoning phenomenon of Jewish education for adults. What has been the impact of this investment? How does adult Jewish learning make a difference in people's lives? This pioneering study of the Florence Melton Mini-School provides some answers to these and related questions. The authors found that the learners emerge with greater appreciation for and competence in Jewish text learning, increased and deeper connections with other Jews, and a much richer appreciation for the practice and observance of Judaism. How and why these impacts occur unfolds through the authors' exploration into the conception, curriculum, and personnel that shape the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. Through interviews, classroom observations, a survey of graduates, as well as a careful examination of teaching materials and other documents, they present a vivid portrait of an adult Jewish learning institution that operates in more than sixty sites across North America, Great Britain, Australia, and Israel.

About the Book

An Excerpt from the Book -- A Journey of Heart and Mind

Every year, almost three thousand new adult Jewish learners begin their studies at sixty-five Florence Melton Adult Mini-Schools. They are by no means a random cross-section of North American Jewry. As a group, they have a number of characteristics in common. At the same time, their differences tend to occupy a range of distinctive points across the Jewish socio-demographic map.

An Excerpt from the Book

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