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eBook Studies in Bible I (Scripta Hierosolymitana VIII)
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  Magnes Press
Published:  2010
Language:  English
Pages:   401

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About the Book -- Studies in Bible I (Scripta Hierosolymitana VIII)

This volume includeds contributions by some of the leading lights in the field of Biblical scholarship in Israel like Yigael Yadin, M.H. Goshen-Gottstein, Hayym Tadmor, M.H. Segal, Yehezkel Kaufmann, Chaim Rabin, N. H. Tur-Sinai, Abraham Malamat, and others.

About the Book



Yigael Yadin : Ancient Judaean Weights and the Date of the Samaria Ostraca 9

M. H. Goshen-Gottstein : Prolegomena to a Critical Edition of the Peshitta 26

M. H. Segal: The Composition of the Pentateuch A Fresh Examination 68

E. Z. Melamed : Break-Up of Stereotype Phrases as an Artistic Device in Biblical Poetry 115

N. H. Tur-Sinai : A Contribution to the Understanding of Isaiah I-XII 145

Jacob Liver : Korah, Dathan and Abiram 189

Abraham Malamat : Campaigns of Amenhotep II and Thutmose IV to Canaan 218

Hayyim Tadmor : Azriyau of Yaudi . 232

Menahem Haran : The Comiplex of Ritual Acts Performed Inside the Tabernacle 272

Yehezkel Kaufmann : Traditions Concerning Early Israelite History in Canaan 303

Shemaryahu Talmon : Synonymous Readings in the Textual Traditions of the O.T 335

Chaim Rabin : Etymological Miscellanea 384

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