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eBook The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Jobs (in 2 volumes)
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2005
Language:  English
Pages:   825

Prepared to work interactively with both Tanakh: Interactive Hebrew Bible and Hebrew-English Tanakh: the Jewish Bible which can be purchased separately.

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Scholar eBook

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ISBN: 1-59045-838-9

About the Book -- The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Jobs (in 2 volumes)

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From P R E F A C E

Some eighteen months before his death in February 1914, Dr. Driver began the actual writing of the volume on “Job” for the “International Critical Commentary.” In the middle of January 1914, when the very serious nature of his illness had became evident, he wrote a short memorandum on the state of his MS, and suggestions for the completion of his work.

In this he expressed a strong desire that I should complete what he was compelled to leave incomplete. The task, I knew at once, would be arduous and absorb much time; but not to undertake it, or to do less than my best to discharge it, would have been an ill return for all that I had long owed to the friendship and scholarship of Dr. Driver. The time involved has even exceeded my expectations, partly because what remained to be done proved so much more than appeared at first. Finding that the mass of material would be very great, and wishing that the publication of the
commentary should not be unduly delayed, Dr. Driver had earlier invited Dr. A. H. McNeile to undertake the exegetical notes and the Introduction, and, under conditions with regard to the claims of other work, Dr. McNeile had consented.

It was naturally my own very strong desire that this arrangement should stand, and at first Dr. McNeile agreed that it should, and indeed, in looking through the MS with a view to his own part of the work, added on the first chapters some brief notes which, duly initialed, have been retained.
But later the claims of his other work became so pressing that he wished to withdraw from co-operating in this commentary, and, though it was with the greatest regret, I could but acquiesce in his wish. Thus by far the greater part of the work, and the final responsibility for the whole of it, has fallen on me...

G. Buchanan Gray

About the Book



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