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eBook The Documentary Hypothesis and the Composition of the Pentateuch: Eight Lectures
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  Magnes Press
Published:  2005
Language:  English
Pages:   127

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Scholar eBook

$ 14.95 

ISBN: 1-59045-802-8

About the Book -- The Documentary Hypothesis and the Composition of the Pentateuch: Eight Lectures


Despite the passage of time, this little volume remains a classic in the filed of Biblical studies.

Though summary in form and popular in presentation, it provides a masterly exposition of the Documentary Hypothesis and subjects its exegetical methods and conclusions to a critical probe.

The writer challenges the widely-held theory that the Pentateuch is an amalgam of fragments excised from various source-documents of different authorship, date, style and outlook. . .

The Documentary Hypothesis serves as a valuable introduction to the late Professor Cassuto's Hebrew Commentaries on the Pentateuch, which have helped so much to illumine our understanding of Scripture with the light of new knowledge and interpretation, expounded by one of the most original minds among modern Biblical exegetes.

About the Book


Translators Foreword . . . . V

Key to the transliteration . . . XI

Abbreviations . . . . . XII

Preface . . . . . 1

Lecture I. The Documentary Hypothesis and its Criteria 5

II. The Divine Names . . . 15

III. More about the Divine Names . 27

IV. Language and Style . . . 42

V. Contradictions and Divergences of View. 55

VI. Duplications and Repetitions . . 69

VII. The Composite Sections . . 84

VIII. Conclusions . . . 98

Bibliographical Notes . . 107

Indexes . . . .

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