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eBook A Commentary on the Book of Exodus
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  Magnes Press
Published:  2005
Language:  English
Pages:   525

Prepared to work interactively with both Tanakh: Interactive Hebrew Bible and Hebrew-English Tanakh: the Jewish Bible which can be purchased separately.

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Scholar PDF

$ 45.00 

ISBN: 1-59045-793-5

About the Book -- A Commentary on the Book of Exodus

The present volume is the last of the commentaries rendered into English. Cassuto's comments have a vivid quality seldom found in the exegetical writings of other Biblical expositors, who all too often prefer a jejune and lifeless approach to their subject. Our author succeeds in injecting a sense of dramatic excitement into his interpretations. Without neglecting the scientific data provided by archaeological and philological research, he makes us conscious of the literary attributes of the Bible.

Unlike the volumes dealing with the first two periscopes of Genesis, the present work does not separate the annotations from the Biblical text, but forms a continuous unified commentary in which the Scriptural citations are interlinked with exposition. The elements are so closely and artistically interwoven as to form a new literary entity -- not a text with notes, but a homogeneous expository work, which must rank among the finest modern contributions to the treasury of Biblical learning.

About the Book



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