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eBook Three Jewish Communities in Medieval Valencia. Hispania Judaica, v. 8
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   347

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ISBN: 1-59045-945-8

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About the Book -- Three Jewish Communities in Medieval Valencia. Hispania Judaica, v. 8

The history of three Jewish Communities in Medieval Valencia: Castellón de la Plana, Burriana, Villarreal.

About the Book


New Page 7

Preface 9

Abbreviations 10

Introduction The Legal Status of the Jews of the Kingdom of Valencia 11

Geographical, Chronological and Documentary Limits 18

Sources 20

Methodology 31



Chapter One Historical survey 35

   The Muslim Era 35

   The Reconquista and the Repopulation of Castellon 36

   The Lord's Domain of Castellon and the Jews 37

   Castellon, Royal Town: The Jews 39

   The Riots of 1391 : Conversos 41

   Jews in Castellon in the early 15th Century 44

   The Trastamara Dynasty in the Kingdom of Aragon: Fernando I and the Jews 45

   Alfonso V and the Reorganization of the Jewish Community 46

   Problems of Supply: Kasher Meat 50

   Stoning of the Jews during Holy Week 51

   Other Interventions of the Baile General 53

   The Expulsion of the Jews in 1492 57

Chapter Two The Jewish Community: Its Demography, Economy and Institutions 59

   Demography 59

   Jewish Families and their Relationships 62

   Property 66

   Taxes 81

   Jewish Lessees of the Iglesia Major and the Obra Pia d'En Lorenc Martorell 91

   Professions and Trades 94

   Jewish Moneylenders and Brokers 95

   Oaths of Jewish Moneylenders and Brokers 97

   The Jewish Quarter 100

Documents 103



Chapter One The Legal Position of the Jews in Burriana 169

   The Status of the Jews 169

   The 1391 Massacres and their Aftermath 174

Chapter Two The Aljama and the Juderia 179

   The Aljama and its Officers 180

   Physicians 182

   Religious Institutions 183

   The Juderia 184

   A Demographic Outline 185

Chapter Three The Jews, the Authorities and Economic Activities 187

   Jews from Burriana before the Baile's Tribunal 187

   Jews in the Cort del Justicia 193

Documents 198



Chapter One Historical Evolution 251

   Villarreal: Geographical Position 251

   The Foundation of Villarreal 251

   The First Jews in Villarreal 255

   Salomon Vidal, Jewish Baile of Pedro III 256

   Privileges of the Jewish Community 258

   The 1391 Riots and their Echo in Villarreal 259

   Preaching by Converts 261

   The Expulsion 262

   The Jews in Local Toponymy 263

   Position of the Jewish Quarter 264

Chapter Two The Authorities and the Jews 265

   The Jews in the Municipal Ordinances of Villarreal 265

   The Baile and the Jews 266

   The Justicia and the Jews: Lawsuits 268

Chapter Three The Socio-Economic Situation 275

   Approximate Demographical Details 275

   Properties 276

   Taxes 278

   Professions and Occupations 281

   Moneylending 283

   Commerce 285

   Jewish Bolla Tax Farmers 286

Documents 288


Maps 320

Glossary 323

Indices 325

   Subjects 325

   Persons 328

   Places 341

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