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eBook History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   752

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ISBN: 1-59045-931-8-1

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About the Book -- History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1

This first volume of the Hispania Judaica Series includes more than 3,500 regesta in French, and original documents mostly from the Archivo general de la Corona de Aragon, in Barcelona. It is intended primarily for scholars and research students of Judeo-Spanish history, and of medieval Jewish history in general.

The sources, which cover a period of 114 years from 1213 to 1327, throw light on the political, religious, economic, social, communal and cultural life of the Jews in the Aragonese-Catalan empire during the reigns of James I (1213-1276), Pedro III (1276-1285), Alfonso III (1285- 1291) and James II (1291-1327). This period was undoubtedly the golden age of Aragonese Jewry for it then benefited from the leadership of rabbinic authorities of the caliber of Nachmanides and Rabbi Shlomo ben Adret. Our sources indicate very clearly that the status of the Jews in Aragon during this period was due in large measure to the contribution they could make in many fields to the Aragonese monarchs who were then establishing and expanding their empire. At one time or another during this period, the realm of Aragon included Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, large parts of Languedoc and Provence, Sicily and Sardinia.

Few medieval Jewish communities have ever been blessed with such a wealth of documentary evidence as that that collected by Jean Regne and presented to the reader in this book.

Dinur Center has added six detailed Indexes to this massive collection of documents and Varda Books, in the current electronic edition, hyperlinked them all for easy finding.

About the Book


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Preface — by Haim Beinart V

Introduction — by Yom Tov Assis VII


   Abbreviations used in Part I X


     James I 1

     Appendix to Regesta of James I 111

     Pedro III 119

     Alfonso III 269


    James I 415

    Pedro III 423

    Alfonso III 438


    James II 443



   Subjects 635

   Communities 657

   Places Outside Aragon 667

   Jews 668

   Converts 704

   Non-Jews 705

   Glossary 718

   Comparative List of Sources 721


The Catalano-Aragonese Confederation

Jewish Communities in Aragon (1213-1327)

Genealogical table of the kings of Aragon (1213-1327)

An Excerpt from the Book -- History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1

658. —Au nom de l'infant don Pedro, Jaime Alaman, baile de Figueras, concede a Astruc Salaudin, fils de Vidal Salaudin, Juif de Castellon, deux mansades de terre, sises a Figueras et confrontant au midi le mur d'enceinte de la ville, a l'ouest la tenure de Lobel, Juif, avec la faculte d'yedifier des maisons, moyennant lecens annuel, payable a la Noel, de deux sous barcelonais, monnaie de tern ; l'acheteur pourra ouvrir unepoterne et des fenetres dans le mur de la ville, prendre de l'eau desfosses, sous l'obligation, toutefois, d'aveugler la poterne si la guerre vienta eclater, quitte a la rouvrir une fois la paix conclue ; le baile ne recoitrien a titre de droit d'entree en possession ; Astrug promet de payer lecens et de se soumettre aux autres conditions du contrat, qu'il souscrit.

- Figueras, 6 aout 1276.

Parch, de Pedro III, n° 6.

An Excerpt from the Book

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