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eBook Jews in the Hungarian Economy 1760-1945
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   348

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ISBN: 159045667X

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About the Book -- Jews in the Hungarian Economy 1760-1945

In the sixteen essays in this volume, scholars from three continents explore dispassionately various facets of the Jewish presence in the Hungarian economy over a span of two centuries. (Two of the articles deal with Vienna which had quite a sizeable contingent of Hungarian Jews.) The topics range from "pure" economic history dealing with entrepreneurship and occupational structure, to related fields such as demography, urbanization and nutrition. Several studies discuss the interaction of both religion and politics with economy. And finally, a section is devoted to a debate on the nature of Jewish economic behavior. These studies are dedicated to Prof. Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger on the occasion of his eightieth birthday.

About the Book


Preface vii

Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger

Avraham Harman and Jacob Katz An Appreciation xi

Eliyahu Yeshurun On Three Continents xiii

Zvi Erenyi Bibliography of Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger xxix

1Jews and Entrepreneurship

Michael K. Silber A Jewish Minority in a Backward Economy: an Introduction 3

Peter Hanak Jews and the Modernization of Commerce in Hungary, 1760-1848 23

Vera Bacskai Jewish Wholesale Merchants in Pest in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century 40

11 Wealth and Occupations

William McCagg Jewish Wealth in Vienna, 1670-1918 53

Laszlo Katus The Occupational Structure of Hungarian Jewry in the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries 92

Julianna Puskas Jewish Leaseholders in the Course of Agricultural Development in Hungary, 1850-1930 106

111 Demographic Aspects

John Komlos The Standard of Living of Jews in Austria-Hungary: The Anthropometric Evidence, 1860-1920 127

Peter Hidas Hidden Urbanization: The Birth of the Bourgeoisie in Mid-Nineteenth Century Hungary 135

IV Religion and Economy

Victor Karady Religious Divisions, Socio-Economic Stratification and the Modernization of Hungarian Jewry after the Emancipation 161

V Politics and Economy

Karoly Voros Mor Wahrmann: A Jewish Banker in Hungarian Politics in the Era of the Dual Monarchy 187

Laszlo Varga Manfred Weiss: The Profile of a Munitions King 196

George Deak The Search for an Urban Alliance: The Politics of the National Association of Hungarian Industrialists [GyOSz] before World War I 210

VI Exclusiveness and Mobility in the Interwar Period

Gyorgy Lengyel Hungarian Banking and Business Leaders Between the Wars: Education, Ethnicity and Career Patterns 227

Maria Kovacs Interwar Antisemitism in the Professions: The Case of the Engineers 237

VII Propensities or Circumstances? Λ Debate

Yehuda Don Patterns of Jewish Economic Behavior in Central Europe in the Twentieth Century 247

Gyorgy Ranki The Occupational Structure of Hungarian Jews in the Interwar Period 274


Index 289

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