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eBook A Separate Republic
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  Magnes Press
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   670

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ISBN: 1-59045-931-8

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About the Book -- A Separate Republic

A Separate Republic explores the social and political life of Jews in Venice in the seventeenth century. Based on the Libro Grande, the only existing record book of the community from that time period, this study gives an in depth view of the ethnic diversity and complex relationships within Jewish Venice and between the Jewish community and the Republic of Venice at large. In addition, Dr. Malkiel explores the political structure of the community with special attention to the "balance of power between the wealthy elite and communal authority and the rabbinic and lay leadership."


The book contains an appendix, the full annotated text of the Libro Grande, as well as an extensive list of sources and an index of names, index of places, and index of subjects.

About the Book




Chapter One: Introduction

I. Themes

II. Text

Chapter Two: The Libro Grande Affair

I. The Story

II. Precedent

III. The Objections

IV. Analysis

V. Significance

Chapter Three: The Constitutions

I. Formation

II. Operation

Chapter Four: A Dynamic Characterization

I. Spanish Parity

II. Tripolarity

III. Oligarchization

IV. Efficiency

Chapter Five: Communal Finances

Chapter Six: The Small Assembly

I. Liaison

II. Municipal Upkeep

III. Communal Order

Chapter Seven: Religion & Politics

I. 1594 and 1616

II. Preceding Evidence

III. Libro Grande Evidence

IV. The Immediate Perspective

V. Epilogue and Sequel

VI. Summary

Chapter Eight: The Twin Contexts of Venetian Jewish Culture

I. Political Structure

II. Sumptuary Law


Libro Grande

Works Cited

Index of Names

Index of Places

Index of Subjects

An Excerpt from the Book -- A Separate Republic

"A historical irony has opened the doors to study of Venetian Jewish self- government. An Italian translation of the community's record book for the years 1607- 1624, called the Libro Grande, has survived in the Venetian state archive. This translation was composed in 1632 at the order of the Venetian government, when a squabble within the community drew its attention, and brought the community under suspicion of lèse majesté. Thus, though the translation threatened the community's existence when it was composed, it now enables us to resurrect the community's political fabric.


The following discussion outlines forces and tensions that molded the structure and function of Venetian Jewish self- government, and how these are treated in the study. These kinds of tensions influenced and characterized Jewish self- government for centuries, in different lands, and the Venetian Jewish community serves as a paradigm for the ways in which these forces generally informed communal structure. "

Chapter One: Introduction, Page 12


An Excerpt from the Book

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