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eBook The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol. 2/3
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  The Jewish Publication Society
Published:  2004
Language:  English
Pages:   700
Techno:   See Vol. 1 here.

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ISBN: 1-59045-781-1

About the Book -- The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol. 2/3

The second and third volume of a monumental survey of the Jewish community in Spain under Moslem rule offers the reader access to a difficult subject...written in a style that is both authoritative and lively.

Called by Choice "the most comprehensive survey of a magnificent era," The Jews of Moslem Spain , the story begins in 711 C.E., on the slopes of Gibraltar, when the Moslems conquered the Iberian peninsula and moves through centuries of the flowering of Jewish culture, the "Golden Age of Spanish Jewry.

The book is peopled with soldiers and rabbinic scholars, viziers in the caliph"s court, poets and converts, courtiers and intellectuals. The splendid array of characters includes such pivotal figures as Hasdai ibn Shaprut and Samuel ha-Nagid and his son, Joseph.

Eliyahu Ashtor"s work is based on many sources: Arabic chronicles, geographical writings, Hebrew inscriptions, literary and documentary sources and Geniza records as well as data unearthed through topographical research in ancient Jewish quarters that have survived for centuries in Spanish towns.

Ashtor tells a rich and complex story. Written with extraordinary clarity and appreciation for the dramatic, a vivid recreation of daily life emerges.

The book is a classic, both in its enduring validity as a basis for generations of scholarship and in its continuing popularity among readers everywhere.

In a new introduction, David J. Wasserstein, Professor of Islamic History at Tel Aviv University, looks at the changes in scholarly perception of historical facts and problems since Ashtor wrote; he also examines developments in historiographical concern during that time.

About the Book


New Page 5


1 The Disruption of the Spanish Caliphate 3

2 Samuel the Nagid and His Son 41

3 The Jewish Communities of Spain in the Eleventh Century 190

Abbreviations 301

Sources 303

Notes 306

Index 367



Volume 3 follows page 381.

1 The Golden Age of Hebrew Literature 3

2 Diary of a Jew in Eleventh-Century Spain 59

3 The Twilight of an Epoch 167

Abbreviations 241

Sources 243

Notes 245

Index 299



Moslem Málaga 43

Moslem Lisbon 205

First Jewish Quarter of Lisbon 207

Jewish Quarter of Baixa 209

Jewish Quarter of Toledo 220–27

Jewish Quarter of Talavera de la Reina 231

Jewish Quarter of Guadalajara 237

Jewish Quarter of Valencia 255

Moslem Tortosa 289


"Excellent idiomatic translation preserves the style and grace of the original . . . . The standard authority on the subject . . . written in a lively style [that] at times has the flavour of an historical novel." —Journal of Semitic Studies

"The most fascinating scholarly all-around history of the Jews in Moslem Spain . . . the authoritative classic." —Religious Zionist Newsletter

"Narrative history ought, after all, to be readable, and this work is certain to find a large and enthusiastic readership anxious to learn just how the story will end." —Bulletin, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


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