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eBook Ein Yaakov
Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Original Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Published:  1999
Language:  English
Pages:   864

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Scholar eBook

$ 129.99 

ISBN: 9781461628248

About the Book -- Ein Yaakov

This is the only complete English translation of the classic Jewish text known as Ein Yaakov.

Ein Yaakov is a collection of all the agaddah (the non-legal) material of the Talmud, compiled by Rabbi Yaakov ibn Chaviv, the fifteenth century talmudist. Scattered among the more than 2,700 pages of the Talmud, aggadah focuses on the ethical and inspirational aspects of the Torah way of life. Through a wealth of homilies, anecdotes, allegories, pithy sayings, and interpretations of biblical verses, it has been said that the aggadah brings you closer to God and his Torah.

About the Book


Ein Yaakov has ignited the fire of love of Torah in the hearts of the Jewish people for centuries.Rabbi Finkel has rendered this precious treasure accessible to the English reading public in an excellent easy to read format in accordance with the great traditions of our people.

--- Rabbi Joshua Fishman, Executive Vice President, Torah Umesorah, National Society for Hebrew Day Schools

A significant contribution toward the dissemination of Torah learning. The aggadot of our Sages are basic in the understanding of Jewish ethics and weltanschauung. How symbolic that Reb Yaakov Finkel becomes the expositor of teh Rav Yaakov ibn Chaviv's Ein Yaakov (The Eye of Jacob). A proper title for this sefer would be "Einei Yaakov" (The Eyes of Jacob).

--- Rabbi David Cohen, Congregation Gvul Yaabetz, Brooklyn, NY


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