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eBook Call From the Cave
Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Original Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Published:  2012
Language:  English
Pages:   539

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$ 49.99 

ISBN: 9780761860167

About the Book -- Call From the Cave

This book explores the nature of power in persons, groups, and nations by asking a question that we can understand in contemporary terms: what would Bill Gates do if he had Hitler's absolute power?It is a sociological question that exposes power as a tool of control over the powerless, not as a psychological trait or manners of personal interactions. With Hitler's power, any individual, group, or nation could become as crazy as Hitler or as cruel as the Nazis. Call from the Cave argues that the savage struggle for power, exemplified in the free market system of America — history's first and purest “natural” society — is in our very human nature. In the footsteps of the ancient Romans and the recent Nazis, we push on in every waking moment of our lives to expand our power and to control the souls and minds of other human beings to do our bidding. The book concludes that this is the very destiny of humanity we cannot escape.

About the Book


PREFACE: WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK SYNOPSIS PART ONE. NAZIS, JEWS, AND OUR WORST ENEMY Chapter 1: “Know Thyself:” An Introduction Chapter 2: Between Kings and Things Chapter 3: “Hitler, We Love You!” Chapter 4: What Absolute Power Has Wrought Chapter 5: The Three Utopian Models (I) Chapter 6: The Three Utopian Models (II) PART TWO. THE HOLOCAUST ALL OVER AGAIN Chapter 7: The Holocaust for the Living Chapter 8: The “Jewish Question” Chapter 9: A Day's Work of Absolute Power Chapter 10: When Power Calls Chapter 11: Nazi Power, Jewish Death PART THREE. THE CURIOUS CASE OF ADOLF HITLER Chapter 12: Hitler's Psychology, Germany's National Character Chapter 13: Hitler and the Legitimate Government Chapter 14: Hitler and the Constitution Chapter 15: Hitler's Image Issues Chapter 16: Hitler's Democracy Chapter 17: Hitler's Phantom Power Chapter 18: The Insignificance of Adolf Hitler Chapter 19: The God-Fuhrer Meets Mr. Daniel Dravot Chapter 20: Hitler is Dead, Long Live the Good Guys! Chapter 21: To Hitler with Love from the West PART FOUR. METHOD TO NAZI MADNESS Chapter 22: Have Power—Will Use It Chapter 23: The Secret Career of the “Final Solution” Chapter 24: Obedient to the Master's Voice Chapter 25: Our Crimes against Humanity Chapter 26: Professionals at Power's Service Chapter 27: Rules of Power, Nazi or American Chapter 28: The Hitler Youth Made in the USA PART FIVE. THE REIGN OF POWER Chapter 29: Power, Pure and Simple Chapter 30: The Ultimate Terror Chapter 31: Power and Civilization Chapter 32: Good, Evil, and Power Chapter 33: Humanity and Power Chapter 34: The Incredible Pleasure of Being Nazi PART SIX. CALL FROM THE CAVE: THE “FINAL SOLUTION,” OUR OWN Chapter 35: Saint Francis and Human Nature Chapter 36: The Natural Root of Human Evil (I) Chapter 37: The Natural Root of Human Evil (II) Chapter 38: The Natural Root of Human Evil (III) Chapter 39: The Natural Root of Human Evil (IV) BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX

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