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An Excerpt from the Book

An Excerpt from Mystic Tales from the Zohar

Rabbi Hiyya bent down to the ground and bowed, kissing the dust and weeping. He cried out, Dust, dust, how utterly stubborn you are! How brazen you are, that in you all the delights of the eye wear out in a state of oblivion. All the pillars of light in the world you extinguish and shatter. Indeed, how very brazen are you! For the Holy Light that illuminated the world, the great master through whose merit the world continues to exist, decays and wears away within you.

Rabbi Simeon, the very light of light, the light of the worlds you perish in the dust, you who are responsible for sustaining the world.

Completely beside himself for a moment, he exclaimed, Dust, dust, be not proud, for the Pillars of the world will not be delivered into your hands; Rabbi Simeon will not wear away in you.

Still weeping, Rabbi Hiyya stood up and began walking together with Rabbi Yose. Beginning that day, he fasted for a total of forty days with the hope of being able to see Rabbi Simeon (in a vision). But instead, he was told, You are not permitted to see him. He wept and fasted another forty days; than, in a vision, he say Rabbi Simeon with his son, Rabbi Eleazar, with thousands listening to his words, as they were conversing on the very subject on which Rabbi Yose himself just spoken. He noticed many large winged heavenly beings upon whose wings Rabbi Simeon and his son, Rabbi Eleazar rose upward to the celestial academy of the heavenly firmament where those winged angels proceeded to wait for them. He perceived that the sages appeared brighter and brighter until their light was even more dazzling than that of the sun.

Rabbi Simeon then announced, Let Rabbi Hiyya enter and observe how the Holy One, blessed be He, will, in the future, renew the countenance of the righteous. Blessed is the one who has entered here without disgrace, and blessed is the one who, in that other world, stands as a Pillar of spiritual strength.

Rabbi Hiyya saw himself enter, as Rabbi Simeon rose up together with all the other Pillars who had been seated there. Embarrassed at this mark of honor accorded to him, he immediately seated himself at the feet of Rabbi Simeon. A voice was heard, Lower your eyes, and neither raise your head nor gaze. Looking downward, he sensed a bright light over in the distance. He again heard the same voice, which now uttered, You celestial ones, hidden, concealed, those with open eyes, those who roam throughout the world, gaze and observe. And you who are below, asleep, with eyes closed tight, awaken! Who among you, before your coming here, had transformed darkness into light, the bitter into sweet? Who among you had waited daily for that light which appears at the hour when the King remembers the Gazelle, and brings Her out of Exile, when He is majestically glorified and the kings of the world address hi as King? Whoever does not wait with such longing every day while in that other world can have no place here.

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