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About the Book

About JPS Hebrew-English (Jewish Bible) Tanakh

A searchable true replica of the original 2nd printed edition, it is a MUST for any serious student of The Holy Scriptures and perfect a participant in Bible-study groups. The authoritative Hebrew text of this work--placed side-by-side with the renowned JPS English translation--is based on The Leningrad Codex and is in full accordance with masoretic tradition (accepted by scholars and rabbinic authorities), complete with cantillation marks, vocalization and verse numbers.

This ground-breaking electronic edition of "The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh" is prepared in Adobe PDF format for working offline without being connected to the Internet and for working as a part of a sophisticated online digital library utilizing Secure Searchable Image Format developed by Varda Books.

Both Scholar and Teacher Editions of Tanakh are made to work interactively with other properly prepared books: when one clicks on a biblical reference in let's say in Commentaries, the Tanakh pop up in a separate window, displaying the indicated passage.

Click to the right on the thumnail to see a larger screenshot of Tanakh in PDF format. Such format is excellent for printing pages for personal use.

Click on the following icon to see a larger to magnify a screenshot of an example from the optional online digital library.

eTanakh Highlights

Made in Adobe"s open-standards Portable Document Format (PDF), it retains most of the benefits of its hardcopy counterpart while adding the rich functionality that comes along with this approach, while protecting the buyer against technological obsolescence.

Combined with the functionality and the power provided by PublishersRow.com, eBookShuk.com books allow for unlimited expansion of individual library and its great ease of use: any new properly prepared book added to this PDF library will be searchable in the same way no matter who was its publisher. All of them can be instatly searched in one pass.

One of the unique features of our Tanakh (Scholar PDF edition only) is that it has been programmed to accept references from any book published by any publisher which has been properly prepared. What it means is when you use another electronic book, i.e. JPS Torah Commentaries and click on some reference to Tanakh there, the referred to place in Tanakh will pop-up in a separate window exactly in its right place.

"JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh (electronic edition)" is truly the Bible for the 21st Century and is perfect for individual and group study.



Find the authoritative Hebrew text according to masoretic tradition (accepted by scholars and rabbinic authorities), complete with cantillation marks, vocalization and verse numbers. The Hebrew text is conveniently formatted to match the English translation, and is slightly larger than the English for easy reading.

  • Hebrew headers
    to identify place in Hebrew text
  • K"ri and Ketiv
    traditional variants indicated in Hebrew text
  • Cantillation marks
  • Vocalization
  • Arabic verse numbers
    within Hebrew text
  • Paragraph breaks
  • Parasha breaks
  • Poetry
    Hebrew formatted to English poetry
  • Traditional footnotes
    in Hebrew
  • Index of Torah Readings


The renowned JPS English translation is considered by both Jewish and Christian scholars to be the most authoritative translation of Hebrew scripture, reflecting the latest findings in biblical scholarship, archaeological research, comparative Semitics and linguistic analysis.

  • Scholarly footnotes
    in English from JPS translation
  • English headers
    identifying biblical book, verse, and weekly portion (for the Torah)
  • Verse numbers
    in English


Automated search in English translation for specific names, words or phrases throughout
the entire Bible or on any given page. All search features outlined below requires the use of free Acrobat 5.0 or higher with Search function.

  • Simple and Powerful Find command:
    refine by selecting Match Whole Word Only, Match Case, Find Backwards
  • Word Stemming Search:*
    find all search term derivatives
  • "Sounds Like" Search:*
    find alternative spellings of proper names
  • Search using Thesaurus:*
    find synonyms for the search term
  • Proximity Option Search:*
    find two separate items on the same page
  • Set Preferences:*
    control the order of your search results, determine the number of searches you want to display, choose how highlights are displayed (by page, by word, or not at all)
  • Refine Search using Boolean terms*
  • Search Simultaneously the Tanakh and other PDF documents.*

Copy, Paste and Share*

Copy and paste of what you have found into your word-processor; no need to retype the text.

  • Copy English text:
    use "Column Select Tool" to select exactly the text you need and re-flow it
  • Copy Hebrew text:
    use "Graphics Select Tool" to copy and paste perfectly formatted Hebrew text (be it a single glyph or an entire page) into virtually any word-processor; no special fonts necessary.
  • Share copied Hebrew text:
    Because you have pasted Hebrew as an image, you can send it as a part of your Word Processor"s file almost to anyone else. No need to worry about "embedding" or installing properly fonts on another person"s system.

Print *

  • Print Hebrew and English text together:
    the result will be page-for-page identical to the paper version of the JPS Tanakh; perfect for making personal or scholarly notes and always being on the same page as others reading from this now-standard Bible edition.

* Applies only to Student PDF and Scholar PDF formats; does not apply to Reader PDF version.

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