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About the Book

About Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, 2nd English Edition

Interactive edition of one of the most important Biblical Hebrew books of grammar. This electronic edition of the 2nd edition published originally by Oxford University Press in 1910, has been scanned, OCR-d, and proofread numerous times.
In addition, tens of thousands of bookmarks and links have been added to create a sophisticated navigation to enable the maximum easy of use:
  • Table of Contents' has been linked to respective pages, often down to a paragraph level
  • Bookmarks have been created to the same passages
  • All entries in Subject Index, Index of Hebrew Words, and Index of Passages have been linked to their relevant paragraphs
  • All internal references have been found and linked to proper paragraphs and/or pages
  • All Biblical references have been located and linked to interactive editions of Tanakh

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