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About the Book

About Tanakh: Interactive Hebrew Bible

Cross-platform, interactive, new electronic edition of the Leningrad Codex, the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible.

Using Michigan-Claremont ASCII text, the initial Hebrew version of this Tanakh was created by Varda Graphics in 1998 to match the primary textual witness, the so-called Leningrad Codex, and indirectly Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensia (BHS) which bases itself on it.

In eleven years since then, the text has evolved by incorporating thousands of corrections suggested to Varda Graphics' by its own employees, editors of the United Bible Society, David Stein--during Varda Graphics' typesetting of the JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh,--and, more recently, by computer-comparison done by the late Rabbi Mordechai Breuer during his work on Keter Yerushalaim (these results have been only partially incorporated so far as the work on them continues).

In preparation of this new, downloadable edition, the text was completely reformatted in line halakha. In addition, the care was taken to make sure that the text is set so that it conveniently displays on almost any computing device, even with small-size screens.

Tanakh has been prepared to work interactively with other properly prepared Vardabooks. When one clicks on a biblical reference in let's say International Critical Commentaries or Brown-Driver-Briggs' Lexicon, Tanakh pops up in a separate window, displaying the indicated passage.

Click on the thumnails to see  larger screenshots of Keter Israel Tanakh in PDF format.

Tanakh is excellent for printing pages to translate and for copy/pasting of the Hebrew text into a word-processor (see sample of it to the right).


  Click on the following icon to see a larger magnified screenshot of Tanakh interacting with International Critical Commentaries (ICC) on Genesis.

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