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About the Book

About Ketubah Kit for Rabbis: A Reconstructionist Approach

The author developed this book`s innovative thesis and approach together with five Reconstructionist colleagues from across the USA. During three years of occasional meetings for study and discussion, they concluded that the contemporary equivalent of the traditional Ketubah includes not only the usual "suitable for framing" text that conveys good intentions, but also all legally binding documents that would cover today what a traditional Ketubah used to address.

They explored how best to revive the Ketubah`s historic function of specifying what happens in case of divorce or a spouse`s death. They asked, "How can rabbis today assist couples in considering these challenging issues -- and relevant laws -- in a personally and Jewishly resonant way?" The result is a book that restores the consideration of meaningful, vital "legal" issues as Jewishly honored activity.

Rabbi Stein`s book spotlights how rabbis can incorporate the "full" Ketubah into the premarital counseling process and into the wedding ceremony. It shows how they can productively raise legal questions without themselves being legal experts. And it provides them with numerous tools and guides -- based on the traditional Ketubah -- that are specially designed to suit a wide range of contemporary couples

This handsome little book is searchable, printable, and easily navigable via dozens of hyperlinks. The author grants copyright permission for limited distribution by rabbis in the course of counseling or teaching.

Beginning in Spring 2003, look for the companion e-book, Ketubah Kit for Couples -- which, like the present volume, will be available exclusively from eBookShuk.com.

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