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eBook STUDIES IN JEWISH EDUCATION III: Teacher, Teaching, and Community
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Original Publisher:  The Hebrew University Magnes Press
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   440

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ISBN: 1-59045-964-4

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About the Book -- STUDIES IN JEWISH EDUCATION III: Teacher, Teaching, and Community

The first section of this volume confronts the problems of "creating" and providing a guidance for a Jewish teacher within a non-traditional community where there exists little consensus about religious and cultural values. The issue of why Jewish communities fail to solve the problem of teacher shortage when the very survival of the Jewish communities depend on them is examined as is the question of why Jewish schools cling to official goals when they themselves don't really desire to fulfill them nor do they even possess the means to do so.

The first papers in this section present material from the recent major demographic survey of Jewish education undertaken by Dr. Allie Dubb, Dr. Sergio DellaPergola, and Professor Oscar Shmeltz. Their work forms the over-all background for the sociological studies in particular areas which form the main body of this section; the essay of Dr. Stephen Miller and that of Dr. Mordechai Bar-Lev and Menahem Levin focus upon aspects of Jewish education in England; Dr. Janet Aviad describes the interaction of American and Jewish Values in an analysis of camping within a Conservative Jewish setting in the United States; Erik Cohen presents a penetrating exploratory analysis of aspects of French Jewish education; Ephraim Zadoff discusses the secular Jewish ideological streams in Argentina and their treatment of education. These case studies may serve as models for further ethnographic and sociological analysis of specific regions studies which are vital for a comparative understanding of the relationship between Jewish education and social change.

The second section analysis the interaction of society and education focusing on the complexity of the social and communal averment within which the Jewish educational enterprise must function.

The third section is devoted to history of the Jewish education through the ages. Such educational models as that of traditional heder, during the Second Temple and pre-State yishuv periods, as well as in the religious kibbutz are examined. New Page 49


MOSES ABERBACH is a Professor of History and Literature at Baltimore Hebrew College. He is also on the faculty of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary and University, and a visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University.

YAIR AURON received his Masters degree from the Institute for Contemporary Jewry of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and his Ph.D. from the Sorbonne. Specializes in research in contemporary Jewry in France, and in the field of informal education.

JANET AVIAD is senior lecturer in Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Doctorate in Religion from Columbia University.

ADRIANNE BANK is a Senior Research Associate at the University of California at Los Angeles' Center for the Study of Evaluation, where she has done research and training for the past twelve years. She consults extensively for Jewish organizations and teaches at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, She is the author of several books and numerous articles on the subject of evaluation.

MORDECAI BAR-LEV received his Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University in 1977: doctoral study of graduates of Yeshiva high-schools in Israel. Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, editor of forthcoming volume on Bnei Akiva. Published many articles on religious education in Israel, and a new book, Religious Education in Israel.

ERIK H. COHEN studied Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Lyon. Teaches Philosophy and Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University, and is involved in informal Jewish education. Jerusalem Fellow 1983-1986, and in 1986 received his Ph.D. from the Sorbonne on the subject of French Jewish Volunteers during the Yom Kippur War. Currently conducting survey of Jewish Education in France.

SERGIO DELLAPERGOLA is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry of the Hebrew University and Associate Director of its Division for Jewish Demography and Statistics.

ALLIE DUBB taught anthropology and was Director of the African Studies Institute at the Witwatersand University, Johannesburg, before coming on Aliyah in 1978. His parallel fields of interest were African urbanization and the sociology and demography of the South African Jewish community. He has been Director of the Project for Jewish Educational Statistics at the Hebrew University's Institute for Contemporary Jewry since 1982.

BARRY HOLTZ is co-director of the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City and an assistant professor in the Seminary's Department of Jewish Education. He is also an editor of the Melton Journal Issues and Themes in Jewish Education and the editor of Back to the Sources, a guide to reading and understanding the great Jewish classics.

MENACHEM LEVIN received his B.A. and M.A. in Education, Jewish History and Geography from Hebrew University. Studying for his Ph.D. in King College, England. Rich experience in Jewish education in Israel, Britain and Australia. Currently serves as Pedagogic Coordinator at the Lipshitz Teachers' Seminar in Jerusalem.

STEPHEN MILLER is Head of the Department of Social Science and Humanities and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the City University, London. His research interests include visual perception, research methodology, and Jewish educational research. He is the coordinator of the Jewish Education Research Unit based at The City University.

EDUARDO RAUCH is co-director of the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City and an assistant professor in the Seminary's Department of Jewish Education. He is also an editor of The Melton Journal Issues and Themes in Jewish Education.

DAVID RESNICK holds the dual position of Active Executive Vice President and Director of the Department of Community Services and Studies at the Jewish Education Service of North America. He has also served as Principal of the Prozdor High School of the Jewish Theological Seminary in America, as administrator of the Melton Research Center at the Seminary, and as Acting Dean of the Seminary College.

RONALD REYNOLDS is the chairman of the Research Task-Force of the Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education. He is also a consultant at the Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education. His current field of interest is the conceptualization of organizational goals and making them operational.

MARC ROSENSTEIN is presently the principal of Akiba Hebrew Academy, a communal secondary day school in Philadelphia.

About the Book


New Page 3

Janet Aviad - Introduction 7

David Resnick - The Current State of Research in Jewish Education 11


Susan Rosenblum Shevitz - Communal Responses to the Teacher Shortage in the North American Supplementary School 25

Barry Holtz and Eduardo Rauch - Education for Change: Toward a Model of Jewish Teacher Education 62

Ronald Reynolds - Goals and Effectiveness in Jewish Education: An Organizational Perspective 91

Adrianne Bank - Evaluation: Is It Good for Jewish Education? 116


U. O. Schmeltz - Demographic Background to Diaspora Jewish Education 137

Stephen Miller - The Impact of Jewish Education on the Religious Behaviour and Attitudes of British Secondary School Pupils 150

Erik H. Cohen - Le Masque et le Visage 166

Janet Aviad - Subculture or Counterculture: Camp Ramah 197

Sergio DellaPergola - Toward a System of Statistical Indicators on Jewish Education in The Diaspora: First Data on Hours of Total and Judaic Instruction in Jewish Schools, 1981/2-1982/3 226

Allie Dubb - Jewish Schools in the Diaspora: A Statistical Description 246

Efraim Zadoff - Secular, Non-Zionist Jewish Educational Streams in Argentina and Mexico from the Early 1930's to Mid 1950's: Their Approach to Jewish Education and Its Ideational Foundations (Abstract) 262

Mordechai Bar-Lev and Menachem Levin - The Jewish Education of Jewish High School Students in Jewish and Non-Jewish Schools in Britain (Abstract) 264

Yair Auron - The Jewish Youth Movement as a Contemporary Educational Factor The Case of France (Abstract) 266



Shaul Stampfer - Heder Study, Knowledge of Torah, and the Maintenance of Social Stratification in Traditional East European Jewish Society 271

Moses Aberbach - The Development of the Jewish Elementary and Secondary School System During the Talmudic Age 290

Marc Rosenstein - "The New Jew" The Ideal of Zionist Education in Palestine (Abstract) 302

Marc Silverman - The Educational Ideal of the Founders of the Religions Kibbutz: "Talmudic Scholar, Pioneer and Citizen" (Abstract) 304

The Contributors 307



Bar-Lev and Levin






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