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Adolph Buchler
Principle of Jews' College, highly original major Jewish historian of the latter days of the Second Temple and philosopher of religion.

Born Oct. 18, 1867, at Priekopa (Hungary) then Astro-Hungarian Empire. His dissertation "Zur Entstehung der Hebraischen Accente" was published in 1891 in the "Sitzungsberichte der Wiener Akademie der Wissenschaftenh."

Buchler was ordained as a rabbi in Budapest 1892. He then went to Oxford for one year, where he worked under the direction of his uncle, Dr. Adolf Neubauer, and published an essay, "The Reading of the Law and Prophets in a Triennial Cycle" (Jew. Quart. Rev. April, 1893). The same year he accepted a call of Vienna Jewish Theological Seminary to teach there Jewish history, Bible, and Talmud.

Buchler is the author of many works, mostly in German, e.g. "Die Priester und der Cultus im Letzten Jahrzehnt des Tempelbestandes," Vienna, 1895; "Die Tobiaden und die Oniaden," ib. 1899; "Das Grosse Synedrion in Jerusalem und das Beth-Din in der Quaderkammer des Jerusalemischen Tempels," ib. 1902. He has also contributed some essays to the "Jewish Quarterly Review," the "Monatsschrift," the "Revue des Etudes Juives," and other periodicals.
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