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eBook The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt. Hispania Judaica, v. 6
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Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   185

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ISBN: 1-59045-943-1

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About the Book -- The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt. Hispania Judaica, v. 6

A reconstruction of the Jewish life in a small community of which little is known, on the basis of notary acts found in local archives.

About the Book


New Page 5

Preface 9

Introduction 15

The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt in the Middle Ages 15

The Sources 18

A Technical note 20

Chapter I: The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt at the end of the Thirteenth Century 21

   The Legal Status of the Jews 21

   The Jewish Population in Santa Coloma 22

   Jewish Society in Santa Coloma 26

   The Jewish Community 31

   Education and Culture among the Jews 32

Chapter II: The Jews as Moneylenders 34

   The Jewish Creditors in Santa Coloma 34

   Jewish Lenders from outside Santa Coloma 37

   The non-Jewish Moneylenders 40

   Partnerships 45

Chapter III: The Borrowers 49

   The Origins of the Borrowers 49

   Borrowers among the Nobility 50

   Churchmen as Debtors of Jews 55

   Municipal Debts to Jews 58

   Further Characteristics of the Borrowers 59

   Jewish Borrowers 60

Chapter IV: The Loans 63

   Characteristics of Jewish Loans 63

   Month-by-month loans of Jews to Christian (1293-1299) 67

   Duration of Loans 70

   Loans in Kind 75

   Interest 75

Chapter V: Protection of Loans 82

   Witnesses 82

   Guarantors 83

   Pawnbroking 87

   Bonds and Rents Pledged 90

   Mortgage 91

   Terms in Promissory Notes 93

   Power of Attorney 95

   Legal Actions 96

Chapter VI: Jews in the Economic Life of

   Santa Coloma de Queralt and its Surroundings 98

   Commerce 98

   Occupations and Professions 103

   Jews in the Service of the Local Lord 104

   Real Estate in Jewish Hands 106

Conclusion 107

Documents 111

Appendices 135

   A. The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt 1293-1299 135

   Β. List of Places of Borrowers 139

   C. Christian Creditors of Jews 141

   D. Prices and Wages 143

   E. Real Estate 144

   F. Jews from Santa Coloma indebted to Christian Clothmerchants 145

Bibliography 146

Indices 151

   A. Subjects 151

   B. Places 155

   C.Jews 158

   D. Non-Jews 162

   E. Authors 166

   F. Documents 167

Glossary 169



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