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Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

ARONSOHN, ZALMAN ISAAC ARONSTAM, NOAH EPHRAIM THE UNIVERSAL JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA tiful portraits of women, were great favorites with his contemporaries, and were distinguished by elegant technique and warm colors. ARONSOHN, ZALMAN ISAAC ( pseudonym, S. J. Onoychi), Yiddish novelist, b. Liady, province of Mohilev, Russia, 1876. He made his debut in literature with a Hebrew poem, Hayenuka, published in Hashi-loah ( 1903). Soon, however, he devoted himself exclu-sively to Yiddish literature, and published numerous novels in Yiddish newspapers. A collection of his writ-ings in three volumes was published in Warsaw ( 1909- 10) under the titles Himmel un Erd ( vols. 1- 2) and Reb Elhonon ( vol. 3). Aronsohn reached the climax of his literary endeavors in a series of monologues, Reb Abe ( Warsaw, 1911), a character taken from types of Lithuanian Hasidism. He visited Palestine in 1910; in 1913 he published in the Jüdische Welt an enthusiastic description of the country under the title  Unser Land. He subsequently moved to Tel- Aviv, Palestine. Lit.: Reisen, Ζ., Lexikon fun der Yiddisher Literatur, Presse un Filologie, vol. 1 ( 1926) 119- 22; Eliaschoff, Gekli-bene Schriften, vol. 2 ( 1910) 98- 99. ARONSON, BORIS, painter and scenic designer, b. Nezhin, Ukraine, Russia, 1898. Displaying an inclín-ation for painting since early childhood, he was entered in the Kiev Art School, in 1916, by his father, Rabbi Shelomoh Aronson, later head of a congregation in Tel- Aviv. After completing further studies under Exter and Mashkov, he became costume and scenic designer for the Yiddish Chamber Theatre in Moscow. In 1923, shortly after coming to America, he became a stage designer, in which capacity his variety of con-ception and style received full play. Aronson created settings for plays on both the Yiddish and English stage, including: Dymovs Bronx Express ( 1925); Madirs Tragedy of Nothing ( 1927); Feuchtwangers fud Süss ( 1926- 29); Awake and Sing ( 1935); Three Men on a Horse ( 1935). In 1934 he made the designs for the Radio City Music Hall in New York. After years of endeavor in the theatre, Aronson re-turned to his original medium of expression, painting. His works, exhibited throughout the leading cities of the world, attracted the admiration of the noted critic Waldemar George, who wrote a monograph Boris Aronson et lart du theatre ( Paris, 1928). Aronson is represented by two pictures in the Kiev Museum of Modern Art, and did fifty illustrations for Nikolai Yevreinovs Theatre in Life. In addition, he has writ-ten several critical volumes, including Marc Chagall ( Berlin, 1923); Modern Graphic Art ( Berlin, 1924). Lit.: Theatre Guild Magazine, vol. 8 ( 1931) 26- 30; Whos Who in American Art ( 1936). ARONSON, NAOUM, sculptor, b. Kreslavka, Rus-sia ( now Latvia), 1872. Since he showed interest in wood carvings at an early age, he was sent to the Vilna Art School for training. Struck by the lads great tal-ent, the Minister of Public Instruction offered to send him to an art school in St. Petersburg ( now Lenin-grad). Aronson refused, preferring further instruction in Paris. After a short stay at LÉcole des Arts Decora-tifs, he resolved to study independently. His recognition was immediate. Although molded by the French classic school, the spirit of his work is defin- Naonm Aronson, a prolific Russian whose works have found their principal museums of leading itely Russian. Delving closely into the hearts of the peo-ple of that country, he has portrayed the young, the adolescent and the old with masterful delineation of the soul. His Tolstoi, Russia and Young Russia, the memory of innocent young victims of a revolt, were internationally acclaimed. Many of his strongest creations were devoted to Jew-ish subjects, some of which are: Le Pogrom; the power-ful and original Moses; Bar Mitzvah; Le Prophete; Vieux Juif; The Daughter of fephthah, classical purity of its features; a portrait of Henry Bodenheimer, a member of the Consistoire de Paris; Karl Marx; and Simon Jouchkevitch. His acute comprehension of temperament is clearly illustrated in his Beethoven, Dante, Turgenev, Pasteur; Botha and De Wet, the Boer generals; Delarey and Darby and Joan. Besides his execution marble of beautiful children, which includes such charming studies as the Young Girl, Petit Ange, and Kim, he has done Silence Mystique, Peace, several poses of Eve. Aronson is rated by some as the most significant modern Russian sculptor and one of the most preemi-nent artists of modern times. His works are to be found in the museums of France, England, Russia, Germany and the United States. In appreciation of his merit, the French government appointed him a chevalier of the Legion of Honor. He is one of the founders of the So-ciété des Amis de la Musique Juive, in Paris. Lit.: Bnai Brith Magazine, April, 1931, The Craftsman, October, 1910 and April, 1912; Frank, The Worlds Work, October, 1913. ARONSTAM, NOAH EPHRAIM, physician, b. Libau, Latvia, 1872. He was graduated from the Libau Gymnasium in 1888, and then took graduate work at the University of Berlin. He came to the United States and settled in Detroit, Mich. He became professor of dermatology and venereal diseases at the Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery, and was co- founder of the Maimonides Society of Detroit, the membership of which is composed of Jewish physicians. Chapter Home  | Index AAR- AZU | BAA- CAN | CAN- EDU | EDU- GNO | GOD- IZS | JAB- LEX | LEX- MOS | MOS- PRO | PRO- SPE | SPI- ZYL

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Chess in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature
This book deals with the origins of chess from before 500 A.D. and its appearance in Jewish sources and literature until the middle of the 19th century.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Jobs (in 2 volumes)
Electronic edition of the massive commentary on the Book of Job.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Ecclesiastes
A straightforward, engaging commentary on the Book of Kohelet.

Tractate Rosh Hashana
For those who wish to go beyond superficial, Master A Mesikta Series is a perfect companion for the study of Talmud. The series provides important background information on Talmud and clarifies its content by focusing on controversies that give it such a power. Using outlines, elucidations, pointed comments, explanations of the sequence, topic overviews, and highlighting the interaction between aggadic portions and legal discussions, the author enables a student to rapidly master material

A History of the Marranos
The tradegy and romance of the story of the secret Jews of the Spanish Peninsula is a lesson that every one must learn and always remember.

A Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew
More than any other, this book makes the subject is accessible to scholars who are not fluent in modern Hebrew.

Legends of the Jews
A most remarkable and comprehensive compilation of stories connected to the Hebrew Bible drawn largely on Jewish lore and tradition. It is an indispensable reference on that body of literature known as Midrash, the imaginative retelling and elaboration on Bible stories in which mythological tales about demons and magic co-exist with moralistic stories about the piety of the patriarchs.

Like a Reed: the Message of the Mezuza
A thoughtful reminder of what is really important in life.

Nazarene Jewish Christianity
A comprehensive study of the immediate heirs of the earliest Jerusalem church.

A History of the Jews in Christian Spain. Vol. 1
One of the century s great classics of Jewish historiography. This first volume of the two-volume set takes the story down to the middle of the thirteen century in Castile.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 11
The most comprehensive work in its class; includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology.

Succeeding at Jewish Education: How One Synagogue Made It Work
Joseph Reimer uses his experience and talent as an ethnographer to bring to life the drama of one synagogue's struggle to make Jewish education work. As a result of his classroom observations Reimer comes away with important insights into what makes Jewish education succeed.

Collected Writings in Jewish Studies
This collection of articles in Jewish Studies has been authored by, what many consider, the most important scholar of the rabbinic life and literature in the post WWII period.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 11

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 6
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the worldmany considered founding fathers of their respective disciplinesthis massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

The Shema: Spirituality and Law in Judaism
The Shema has been described as the central watchword of Jewish faith. The book represents an extensive commentary on the words of the Shema, drawing upon the wide range of traditional sources and the author's own reflections.

History of the Jewish People
... a single volume (containing) the multitude of details of nearly 40 centuries of Jewish history (provided) with conciseness, clarity, and completeness. . . entire work is informed by a broad philosophic grasp of the subject, a rare balance and objectivity of treatment, and a warm love for the Jewish people and its heritage. Robert Gordis Encyclopaedia Judaica


The Jews Among the Greeks and Romans
The book is a study of the contribution of the Jews to the modern civilization. The Romans and Greeks were originators of a great many elements of our civilization, but the Jews' impact was no less real or lasting. There was a time when Greek and Roman and Jew were in free contact. The results of this contact the author skillfully explores.

Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi
The gift of song, cherished and tended as it was by the Spanish Jews of the Middle Ages, reached its highest development in the poems of Jehudah Halevi. His love poems are made of dew and fire. But in his poems to Zion there is no such combination of a poet's ordinary artifices. It is his soul that is the instrumentand on his heartstrings is played the song of Israel's hope.

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
Few books oner such a variety of interest or embrace material of such deep significance as Ezra and Nehemiah do. The teaching of these books is of especial value in reference to the faithfulness of the divine promise, the discipline of disappointment, the hallowing of common life, and the preparation for the messianic age.

Studies in Jewish Education VI: Teaching Jewish Values
The emphasis of this volume is on teaching of Jewish values and the development of the curriculum.

The Emergence of Conservative Judaism: The Historical School in 19th Century America
The book begins with description of the early decades of the past century, when American Judaism was still the expression of a religiously united community, and then probes the tensions and new forms of Jewish institutional and personal practice as they resulted from the needs of Jewish experience and from contact with American tradition, ideas and events.

Thesaurus of the Medieaval Hebrew Poetry, in 4 volumes
Lists 35,000 poems and prayers culled from printed and manuscript sources (many from Cairo Genizah) and their variations, i.e. almost every Hebrew poem and its variations composed after canonization of the Hebrew Bible until 18th c.e.... with listings of sacred poetry reaching into the 20th century.

Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica Vol. 2

Studies in Jewish Education IX: Understanding the Bible in Our Time
The ninth volume of Studies in Jewish Education examines issues relating to Biblical research and instruction.

Labor, Crafts and Commerce in Ancient Israel
Extensive collection of anecdotal evidence relating to labor, crafts, and trade as thought of and practiced by Sages of the Second Temple and early exilic period.

The Jews of Navarre in the Late Middle Ages. Hispania Judaica, v. 4
Documented depiction of the economic activities of the Jews and their work at the service of the Crown in this Christian kingdom.

Zionism at the UN: A Diary of the First Days
This book records in diary form the events the author was involved in as an emissary of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency for Palestine to the United Nations Conference, meeting in San Francisco in the late spring and early summer of 1945. The demand for a Jewish state on the official level was first made clear at this conference.

To Do the Right and the Good
A thought-provoking examination of Jewish social ethics in relation to the mores of contemporary society. In this book, Rabbi Dorff focuses on the social aspects of the Jewish tradition, while tackling such timely topics as war and peace, poverty, intrafaith and interfaith relations, and forgiveness.

A History of the Marranos
The tradegy and romance of the story of the secret Jews of the Spanish Peninsula is a lesson that every one must learn and always remember.

A broad survey of economic and political conditions in Judaea after Destruction of the Second Temple.

The House of Nasi: The Duke of Naxos
Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, Lord of Tiberias, was a Marrano or converse, knighted by Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, a jousting partner of Emperor Maximillian, and a court advisor to Suleiman the Magnificent. During his astonishing life as a statesman, financier, and philanthropist in sixteenth-century Europe, he moved across the continent from Antwerp to Paris, to Naples, to Rome, and from there to Constantinople, where he reembraced Judaism.

Studies in Aggadah and Folk-Literature (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXII)
With the acception of one article, Tales of the Sage by Uffenheimer, which concerns with Biblical exegesis, all other contributions approach their material from literary perspective or as a part of investigation into their history.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Daniel
The very detailed handling of the original languages of Daniel (Hebrew and Aramaic) and frequent references to scholarly works in Latin, French, and German make this the commentary for scholars.

The Mystical Element in Judaism
An alternative to Gershom Scholem's view of Kabbalah by one of the greatest Jewish thinkers; a succinct yet much revealing introduction to Jewish mysticism.

( )

Ethics of Responsibility: Pluralistic Approaches to Conventional Ethics
Ethics of Responsibility bridges the gap between liberal Jewish philosophy and modern Orthodoxy. It is thoughtful reading for both the Jewish and non-Jewish scholar, teacher, and for all readers interested in the study of ethics and morality.

Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén. Hispania Judaica, v. 7
Description of the fate of the Conversos in the Kingdom of Jaén at the hands of the Inquisition Tribunal which operated there for 43 years, from 1483 until 1526.

Studies in Jewish Education XIII: Modes of Educational Translation
This volume is concerned with the possibility of translating insights derived from areas of knowledge sometimes thought to be outside the purview of education to issues and problems on the agenda of educational thinkers, researchers and practitioners.

A broad survey of economic and political conditions in Judaea after Destruction of the Second Temple.

Types of Jewish-Palestinian Piety
Original and interesting study of the meaning of piety amoung observant Jews of the late Second Temple period.

Kiddush Ha-Shem: An Epic of 1648
One of the earliest historical novels in modern Yiddish literature, Kiddush ha-Shem is a story of Jewish martyrdom during the Chmelnitsky uprising in mid-17th century Ukraine and Poland.

The Goddess Anath
A major contribution to Ugaritic scholarship, The Goddess Anath--Cassuto's work on Canaanite Epics of the Patriarchal Age--is a classic authored by one of the greatest Bible scholars.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): PROVERBS
... the crown belongs to Crawford H. Toy's voluminous interpretation of the book of Proverbs --Rudolf Smend, from Wisdom in Ancient Israel , Cambridge, 1997.

A Commentary on the Book of Exodus
The last of the commentaries rendered into English, this Cassuto's work ranks among the finest modern contributions to the treasury of Biblical learning.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 1
The most comprehensive work in its class; includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology.

Encyclopedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political, and Religious History, the Archæology, Geography, and Natural History of the Bible (in 4 volumes)
New electronic edition of classic four-volume Bible-focused encyclopedia supplied with sophisticated navigation, single-click lookup of original Hebrew text, and copy/paste functionality that comes with automatically generated bibliography.

Tractate Bava Basra I: Commentary and Study Guide
The third of the three Talmudic tractates of the order Neziḳin, dealing with man's responsibilities and rights as the owner of property, of a house or field. The tractate is divided into ten chapters, the contents of which may be described as follows: (1) Regulations relating to property held by more than one owner (ch. i.); (2) responsibilities of an owner of property with regard to that of his neighbor (ch. ii.); (3) established rights of ownership and rights connected with property

The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol. 2/3
The second and third volume of a monumental survey of the Jewish community in Spain under Moslem rule. (See first volume here) It offers the reader access to a difficult subject. The period is recreated in a narrative that flows with life and vitality...unmatched for scholarship and readability.