Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile: Dom...

The book contains more than 30 documents related to Portuguese Jewry in general and David Negro and Isaac Abravanel in particular.

CONTENTSPreface Chapter One The Jews of Portugal: An Overview Tempo dos Judeus ( The Jewish Period) 9 The New Christian Period 25 Modern Portugal 31 Chapter Two David Negro: A Rabbi in Politics Two Vacancies: The Portuguese Crown and the Castilian Rabbinate 33 David Negro on Trial 37 Death on the Road, in Vila Real 42 Chapter Three Isaac Abravanel from Conspiracy to Flight Abravanel at Court 46 The Turning- Point 52 Trial and Confiscation 64 Flight to Castile 71 Epilogue 77 Documents 81 Appendices 139 Appendix I The National Archives of the Torre do Tombo in Lisbon and Jewish Historiography 141 Appendix II The Great Synagogue of Lisbon 148 Appendices: Documents 153 Bibliography 159 Indices 163   Chapter Home  | TOC 10  | Index 10

Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile: Dom David Negro and Dom Isaac Abravanel. Hispania Judaica, v. 10

About Book Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile: Dom David Negro and Dom Isaac Abravanel. Hispania Judaica, v. 10

Front MatterFront Flap Half Title PageEditorial BoardTitle PageCopyright PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEContents1. THE JEWS OF PORTUGAL: AN OVERVIEWTempo dos Judeus (The Jewish Period)The New Christian PeriodModern Portugal2. DAVID NEGRO: A RABBI IN POLITICSTwo Vacancies: The Portuguese Crown and the Castilian RabbinateDavid Negro on TrialDeath on the Road, in Vila Real3. ISAAC ABRAVANEL: FROM CONSPIRACY TO FLIGHTAbravanel at CourtThe Turning-PointTrial and ConfiscationFlight to CastileBack MatterEPILOGUEPLATESDOCUMENTS1 Regulation of the Chief Rabbinate of the Jews of all Portugal. July 16, 14052A. Letter of the Master of Avis, dated March 6 1384, donating to the Constable the possessions of David Negro2B. Letter of the Master of Avis, donating to the Constable the possessions of David Negro2C. Copy of the letter of King D. Joo I, dated March 30 1389, confirming the donation to the Constable of the possessions of David Negro3 Copy of the deed of the first donation made by the Constable to the Convent of Lisbon of some possessions, including those which had belonged to David Negro4 Transfer of property donated to the Convent of Lisbon, including possessions which had belonged to David 5 List of the accusations levelled against David Negro by the Constable6 The insulting verses by Alvaro de Brito Pestana against the Abravanels 7 Insulting verses to Abravanel, collected in the Cancioneiro Geral by Garcia de Resende8 Letter to Isaac Abravanel exempting him from wearing the badge. It was given by King Afonso at the request of his nephew, the Count and later Duke of Guimares. June 16, 14649 Privilege granted to Isaac Abravanel by King Afonso to ride a mule, stay in Christians inns and bear weapons of any kind. August 18, 146310 Privilege granted to Isaac Abravanel by D. Afonso V to dwell in Lisbon, outside the judaria. July 10, 147211 Confirmation by Afonso V, dated March 11 1480, of the donation to Isaac Abravanel of the rural property of Queluz by the Duke of Braganza and his wife. December 4, 147812 Don Manuel gave to the hospital de Todollos Santos in Lisbon the property in Queluz which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel 13 Sentence pronounced against Isaac Abravanel14 Sentence pronounced against Joseph Abravanel15 D. Manuel ratified the donation made by D. Joo II in June 24, 1484 to Loureno Vaz, formerly Ysaque son of Mose Latam, of some houses in the judaria which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel. October 17, 149916 Loureno Vaz renounced to the possessions donated to him by D. JoaoII and which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel. April 17, 149917 Donation to Abraham Franco of all the houses in the former judaria of Lisbon, which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel18 D. Afonso VI reconfirmed the donation, made by his predecessors, of the possessions which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel. August 14,166519 Donation to Jaco Beir of one of the seats of Isaac Abravanel in the synagogue of the Judaria of Lisbon. July 16, 148420 Donation to Master Abrao, the king's tailor, of one seat in the esnoga (synagogue) of Lisbon which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel.June 10, 148421 Donation to the king's tailor Mousem Zarco, of one seat or sseda in the synagogue of Lisbon, which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel, by royal letter of March 8, 148622 Donation of 11 Hebrew books, which had belonged to Isaac Abravanel, to the nobleman of the royal house Joo Garcez. December 30, 149023 Afonso V exempted Abraham Galafe, of Estremoz, from obligation to wear a badge during his journeys24 Order to confiscate property of Abraham Galafe, of Estremoz, who escaped to Castile with Isaac Abravanel, and to hand it over to Gaspar and Pero Jusarte, noblemen at the Court25 D. Joo pardoned Benvinda widow of Samuel Abravanel and her sons and released in their favour the possessions which had belonged to the late Samuel, brother of Isaac Abravanel. October 4, 148726 D. Joo II pardoned Judah Abravanel and his wife Luna, accused of having sent correspondence and valuables to the Abravanels, who had taken refuge in Castile. October 4, 1487 27 D. Joo II granted to Lopo de Almeida, the new servio of the Jews of the village of Abrantes and its outskirts. February 25, 148228 King Afonso V ordered the punishment of the perpetrators of the massacres against the Jews in 1450. October 6, 145029 King Afonso V ordered the protection and defence of his Jewish subjects. November 23, 1450APPENDICESI. THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE TORRE DOTOMBO IN LISBON AND JEWISH HISTORIOGRAPHYII. THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE OF LISBONDocuments A. King Manuel dedicated the oratory and hermitage of Sta Maria de Belem as well as a walled orchard, a dwelling house and another building in the course of construction for the establishment of a monastery where mass was to be celebrated daily in memory ?. Letter to the King D. Joo III sent by David Reubeni on 24 October 1525C. Translation of the letter of Galawdewos, emperor of Ethiopia, to King Joo IIID. Introduction to the Ordinances of 1504 by King D. Manuel to regulate the administration of Nossa Senhora de Conceio church which was previously the synagogue of the Jews in the Judaria Grande of LisbonBIBLIOGRAPHYINDEXPERSONSPLACESSUBJECTSBack Flap
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