Trujillo: A Jewish Community in...

Based on documents published for the first time, this book reveals the life and surroundings of a community lulled into a false sense of security and endeavouring to build its life in peace while the war against Granada continues.

Trujillo: A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain. Hispania Judaica, v. 2

About Book Trujillo: A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain. Hispania Judaica, v. 2

Front Matter Front Flap Half Title Page Title Page Copyright Page Dedication Page Table of Contents Foreword A Note on the Transcription ContentsI. THE BEGINNINGS OF JEWISH SETTLEMENT IN TRUJILLOII. FROM THE 1391 RIOTS TO THE CATHOLIC MONARCHS: RELATIONS BETWEEN CROWN AND COMMUNITY III. ASSAULTS ON JEWS IV. THE SEPARATION INTO NEW QUARTERS V. DOÑA VELLIDA: RELATIONS BETWEEN JEWS AND CHRISTIANS VI. THE JEWISH COMMUNITY Communal OrganizationInternal Life and Relations among JewsTrades and Means of ExistencePLATESMoney Lending, Business and Tax FarmingVII. MEIR BARCHILLON: PROCURADOR OF TRUJILLO VIII. TAXES IMPOSED ON THE JEWISH COMMUNITY TaxationCollectionIX. THE ORDER OF EXPULSION AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF TRUJILLO X. THE CONVERSOS OF TRUJILLO AND THE INQUISITION The Trial of Gonzalo Pérez JaradaRelations between Jews and Conversos, and between Jews and the Inquisition CONCLUSIONDOCUMENTS CONCERNING JEWS AND CONVERSOS OF TRUJILLO1 Pedrasa, 23 September 1406Obligazion2 Béjar, 28 October 14403 Tordesillas, 9 March 14764 Valladolid, 23 May 14765 Valladolid, 25 May 14766 Trujillo, 9 June 14777 Câceres, 8 July 1477 8 Câceres, 9 July 1477 9 Câceres, 9 July 1477 10 Medina del Campo, 12 June 1478 11 Seville, 2 July 1478 12 Toledo, 10 March 148013 Toledo, 20 March 148014 Toledo, 28 March 148015 Toledo, 18 April 148016 Medina del Campo, 15 November 148017 Cordoba, 2 December 148018 Vitoria, 14 November 1483(Addition)19 Agreda, 6 March 148420 Valladolid, 11 May 148421 Cordoba, 27 July 148422 Córdoba, 6 September 148423 Córdoba, 24 September 148424 Córdoba, 24 September 148425 Seville, 16 October 148426 Seville, 19 February 148527 Trujillo, 17 August 148528 Córdoba, 13 September 148529 Córdoba, 24 September 148530 Córdoba, 3 March 148731 Córdoba, 15 March 148732 Córdoba, 8 April 148733 Murcia, 20 May 148834 Murcia, 7 June 148835 Murcia, 18 June 148836 Ubeda, 6 November 148937 Seville, 9 April 1490 38 Córdoba, 3 July 149039 Córdoba, 6 July 149040 Córdoba, 7 July 149041 Córdoba, July (n.d.) 149042 Córdoba, 2 August 149043 Córdoba, 3 August 149044 Córdoba, 17 August 1490 45 Córdoba, 15 September 149046 Córdoba, 29 October 149047 Seville, 31 December 149048 Seville, 26 January 149149 Seville, 9 February 149150 Seville, 14 February 149151 Seville, 11 March 149152 Seville, 17 March 149153 Seville, 21 March 149154 Seville, 23 March 149155 n.p. n.d. May 149156 Córdoba, 16 June 149157 Cordoba, 25 June [1491]58 Córdoba, 26 September 149159 Real de la Vega de Granada, 8 October 149160 Córdoba, 13 October 149161 Córdoba, 20 October 149162 Córdoba, 21 October 149163 Córdoba, 27 October 149164 Córdoba, 15 November 149165 Córdoba, 22 December 149166 Córdoba, 22 December 149167 Córdoba, 13 January 149268 Córdoba, 10 March 149269 Córdoba, 10 March 149270 Santa Fe, 24 March 149271 Córdoba, 24 March 149272 Santa Fe, 4 May 149273 Santa Fe, 13 May 149274 Santa Fe, 14 May 149275 Córdoba, 4 June 149276 Tárrega or Tarazona, 9 August 149277 Zaragoza, 30 August 149278 Barcelona, 30 October 149279 Barcelona, 8 November 149280 Barcelona, 25 November 149281 Barcelona, 25 November 149282 Barcelona, 17 December 149283 Barcelona, 22 February 149384 Barcelona, 4 May 149385 Valladolid, 10 December 149386 Burgo de Osma, 12 January 149487 Medina del Campo, 16 April 149488 Medina del Campo, (n.d.) April 149489 Madrid, 28 November 149490 Madrid, 20 February 149591 Madrid, 18 March 149592 Burgos, 18 July 149593 Burgos, [n.d., but after 10, and before 20 July] 149594 Burgos, 22 August 149595 Burgos, [n.d.] August 149596 Burgos, 7 September 149597 Tarazona, 15 September 149598 Burgos, 18 September 149599 Burgos, 1 October 1495100 Burgos, 15 October 1495101 Burgos, 20 October 1495ARROYO EL PUERCO(Arroyo del Paz)1 Cáceres, 4 July 14772 Cáceres, 9 July 14773 Seville, 29 April 14914 (n.p.) 11 May 1491Trial of Gonzalo Pérez Jarada, Regidor of Trujillo. Court of the Inquisition, Judaizers, Toledo, 1489-1490 Back MatterAPPENDIX 1 Composition of the Court of the Inquisition in Trial of Gonzalo Pérez JaradaSynopsis of DatesAPPENDIX 2 List of Documents TrujilloArroyo el PuercoINDEXESA. NAMES?. PLACESC. SUBJECTSBack Flap
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The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: The Book of Exodus
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Studies in Aggadah and Folk-Literature (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXII)
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Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi
The gift of song, cherished and tended as it was by the Spanish Jews of the Middle Ages, reached its highest development in the poems of Jehudah Halevi. His love poems are made of dew and fire. But in his poems to Zion there is no such combination of a poet's ordinary artifices. It is his soul that is the instrument—and on his heartstrings is played the song of Israel's hope.

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