The Jews of Santa Coloma de...

A reconstruction of the Jewish life in a small community, on the basis of notary acts found in local archives.

The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt. Hispania Judaica, v. 6

About Book The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt. Hispania Judaica, v. 6

Front MatterFront Flap Map Half Title PageEditorial BoardTitle PageCoyright PageDedication PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEContentsINTRODUCTIONThe Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt in the Middle AgesThe SourcesA technical noteI. THE JEWS OF SANTA COLOMA DE QUERALT AT THE END OF THE THIRTEENTH CENTURYThe Legal Status of the JewsThe Jewish Population in Santa ColomaJewish Society in Santa Coloma de QueraltThe Jewish CommunityEducation and Culture among the JewsII. THE JEWS AS MONEYLENDThe Jewish Creditors in Santa ColomaJewish Lenders from outside Santa ColomaThe non-Jewish MoneylendersPartnershipsIII. THE BORROWERSThe Origins of the BorrowersBorrowers among the NobilityChurchmen as Debtors of JewsMunicipal Debts to JewsFurther Characteristics of the BorrowersJewish BorrowersIV. THE LOANSCharacteristics of Jewish LoansMonth-by-month Loans of Jews to Christians (1293-1299)Duration of LoansLoans in KindInterestV. PROTECTION OF LOANSWitnessesGuarantorsPawnbrokingBonds and Rents PledgedMortgageTerms in Promissory NotesPower of Attorney Legal ActionsVI. JEWS IN THE ECONOMIC LIFE OF SANTA COLOMA DE QUERALT AND ITS SURROUNDINGSCommerceOccupations and ProfessionsJews in the Service of the Local LordReal Estate in Jewish HandsCONCLUSIONPLATES DOCUMENTSI Santa Coloma de Queralt, 27 July 1293II Santa Coloma de Queralt, 22 November 1293III Santa Coloma de Queralt, 22 November 1293IV Santa Coloma de Queralt, 10 December 1293V Santa Coloma de Queralt, 2 March 1294VI Santa Coloma de Queralt, 8 March 1294VII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 16 March 1294 VIII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 24 February 1295 IX Santa Coloma de Queralt, 25 April, 1296 X Santa Coloma de Queralt, 27 May 1296XI Santa Coloma de Queralt, 15 May 1297XII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 18 August 1297 XIII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 23 May 1298XIV Santa Coloma de Queralt, 2 June, 1298XV Santa Coloma de Queralt, 10 June 1298XVI Santa Coloma de Queralt, 27 August 1298XVII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 4 September 1298XVIII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 26 September 1298XIX Santa Coloma de Queralt, 22 October 1298XX Santa Coloma de Queralt, 9 February 1299XXI Santa Coloma de Queralt, 5 April 1299 XXII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 4 May 1299XXIII Santa Coloma de Queralt, 19 May 1299XXIV Santa Coloma de Queralt, June 1299Back MatterAPPENDICESA. THE JEWS OF SANTA COLOMA DE QUERALT 1293-1299B. LIST OF PLACES OF BORROWERSC. CHRISTIAN CREDITORS OF JEWSD. PRICES AND WAGESE. REAL ESTATEF. JEWS FROM SANTA COLOMA INDEBTED TO CHRISTIAN CLOTH MERCHANTSBIBLIOGRAPHYA. The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt?. The Archivo Historico Provincial, TarragonaINDICESA. SUBJECTSB. PLACESC. JEWSD. NON-JEWSE. AUTHORSF. DOCUMENTSGLOSSARYMap Back Flap
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