The Jews of Navarre in the...

Documented depiction of the economic activities of the Jews and their work at the service of the Crown in this Christian kingdom.

The Jews of Navarre in the Late Middle Ages. Hispania Judaica, v. 4

About Book The Jews of Navarre in the Late Middle Ages. Hispania Judaica, v. 4

Front MatterFront Flap Half Title Page Editorial BoardTitle PageCopyright PageDedication PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEABBREVIATIONSContentsINTRODUCTION - THE KINGDOM OF NAVARRE DURING THE MIDDLE AGES The Kingdom and its MonarchsThe Kingdom, its Landscapes, and its Population1 - THE COMMUNITIES OF NAVARREDemographic ExpansionThe Law and its ReflexionA Demanding Faith2 - JEWS AT WORKLand and WaterJewish Occupations3 - JEWISH MONEYLENDERSThe principlesThe Practice of MoneylendingThe Men in Question4 - STATE SERVICESummoned to the Assistance of the StateIn Service of the KingAgents of the Court5 - FIGURES AND FAMILIESThe BankerTax Collectors and Suppliers of GoodsTwo Tax Collectors of EstellaPhysician and Chief RabbiA Typical Family6 - FROM TOLERANCE TO EXPULSIONDifficult Coexistence, Difficult JusticeThe Conversos, the King and the ChurchBack MatterEPILOGUEDOCUMENTS1 Arch. Nav. Cart. III, folios 268-269 December, 1236 2 Arch. Nav. Cart. III folio 214—b— July 23, 1237 (or Era 1275) 3 Arch. Nav. Comptos. Caj; 3, No. 5 August 1256 (or Era 1294) 4 Arch, Nav. Comptos. Caj. 28, no. 5 March 17, 1335 (there are holes in the upper part)(or Era 1373)5 Arch. Nav. Comptos, caj. 9, no. 38 October 19, 1341(or Era 1379)6 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 11, no. 135 Book of the Seal of Pamplona : 1351-13537 Arch. Nav. Comptos. Caj. 12, no. 24 Book of the Seal of Tudela and La Ribera, 13538 Arch. Nav. Comptos. Caj. 24 no 38, X and XI9 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 13, no. 14410 Arch. Nav. R.C. Vol. 95, 1360 Charter inserted between folios 29 and 30 February 24, 136011 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 15 no. 70, VI October 21, 1362 12 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, folio 95November 20, 136513 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, folios 116 v. and 117 November 29, 136514 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, folio 123, II December 5, 136515 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, fol. 129 December 5, 136516 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, folios 130—131 December 7, 136517 Arch. Nav. Cart. Carlos II, folio 143 December 5, 136518 Arch. Nav. Cart. 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Comptos, Caj. 43, no. 62, I September 23, 1381 32 P.M.D.C. a) Folio 21, no. 35 April, 1381 P.M.D.C. b) Folio 22, no. 36 May 7, 1381P.M.D.C. c) Folio 24, no. 39 May 14, 1381P.M.D.C. d) Folio 45, no. 74 September 18, 1381P.M.D.C. e) Folios 57-58, no. 89 November 7, 1381P.M.D.C, f) Folio 256, no. 365 November 16, 138333 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 27, no. 8 January 24, 138234 Arch. Nav. R.C. Vol. 181, Year, 1384 fol. 38 (Baylie of Tudela)35 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 49, no. 4,1 January 21, 138636 Arch. Nav. Comptos, a) Caj. 52, no. 53,1, III, IV July 14, 1386 (extracts of court expenses) b) Caj. 49, no. 6, ? October 16, 1386c) Caj. 172, no. 10 Dec. 20, 146537 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 54, no. 40, XVII April 29, 138738 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 56, no. 74, IV May 8, 138739 Arch. Nav. Papeles Sueltos — Series 2a- Leg. 2 — No. 111 — II undated and incomplete, c. 1385-1390 40 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 52, no. 8,1March 15, 138741 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 54, no. 45, XII May 12, 138742 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 55, no 27, IV September 18, 138743 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 54, no. 3-1 January 4, 138844 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 57, no. 48, VII May 24, 138845 Arch. Nav. Comptos, a) Caj. 53, no. 36, XIX February 27, 1387 b) Caj. 57, no. 36, II May 4, 1388 46 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 57, no. 8, II February 4, 138947 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 57, no. 48, II March 20, 1389, April 1, 1390, December 29, 139148 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 58, no. 20, IV April 7, 138949 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 52, no. 29I : June 5, 1389 II : June 1, 1389 50 Arch. Nav. R.C. Vol. 216... folios 46 and 47 139251 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 69, no. 8 January and February, 139352 Arch. Nav. R.C. vol. 219 1393 Folios; 7 and 8 ( Condamnaciones e composiciones e financias )53 Arch. Nav. R.C. Vol. 269: 1402 (Accounts of the navarreria of Pamplona)54 Aroh. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 92, no. 38, XXVI October 6, 1405 55 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 81, no. 9, LX December 12, 140556 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 94, no. 1, II Jan. 3, 140757 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 84, no. 3, XXXIV August 19, 140958 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 96, no. 38, XLIV and XLV 1409-141059 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 101, no. 37, VIII November 26, 141260 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 102, no. 21, III December 24, 141361 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 102, no. 34, II April 8, 141362 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 129, no. 8, III February 20, 143063 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 138, no. 1, L May 10, 143764 Arch. Nav. Comptos, Caj. 150, no. 15 November 8, 1462BIBLIOGRAPHYMAPSADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS OF NAVARRE IN THE XIII-XIVth CENTURIES THE JUDERIAS OF NAVARRE IN THE XIII-XIVth CENTURIES THE MORERIAS OF NAVARRE IN THE XIII-XIVth CENTURIES INDEXINDEX OF SUBJECTSINDEX OF PLACES INDEX OF PERSONSBack Flap
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