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The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 4

by Isidore Singer

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TitleThe Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 4
AuthorIsidore Singer
PublisherVarda Books
Publication Date2003


A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the worldmany considered founding fathers of their respective disciplinesthis massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

About the Author 

Isidore Singer ---

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SINGER, ISIDORE, editor (originator of THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA) and writer, b. Weisskirchen, Moravia, 1859; d. New York city, 1939. He studied at the Universities of Vienna and Berlin (Ph.D., 1884), and founded and published the Allgemeine Osterreichische Literaturzeitung (1884-85).

Becoming a literary secretary to Count Alexandre Foucher de Careil, French ambassador at Vienna, he followed him to Paris, where he joined the press bureau of the French Foreign Office and also became editor-in-chief of La vraie parole (1893-94). Through this paper, which he founded to counteract the anti-Semitism propagated by Edouard Drumont's La Libre parole, Singer defended Alfred Dreyfus fearlessly.

Encouraged by an editorial written for the American Hebrew Singer went to New York city (1895) to carry out his life work, The Jewish Encyclopedia. Having done the preliminary work together with Richard J. H. Gottheil and Kaufmann Kohler, he became managing editor of the encyclopedia, and was in charge of the department of modern biography (for the period from 1750 to 1904).

Singer was managing editor also of the International Insurance Encyclopedia (1909) and co-editor Kuno Francke of Harvard University) of the German Classics of the 19th and 20th Centuries He was founder (1922) and literary director of the interdenominational Amos Society, a monotheistic world league for better understanding among peoples, and president of the Justice Lodge of the B'nai B'rith.

Singer was a prolific writer in three languages. His works include: Berlin, Wien und der Antisemitismus Presse und Judentum (1882); Sollen die Juden werden? (1884); Die bieden Elektrenhumanistische Bildung und der klassische Unterricht (1884); Auf meiner Mutter (Hebrew trans., Solomon Fuchs, 1888); Le prestige de la France en Europe (1889); La question (1893); Anarchie et antisemitisme (1894); Der Kampf ums Recht (1902); Russia at the Bar of People (1904); Christ or God? (1908); Social (1923); A Religion of Truth, Justice and Peace which was issued by the Amos Society and claimed to be "a challenge to church and synagogue to lead in the realization of the social and peace gospel of the Hebrew prophets."

Singer edited The World's Debt to the Jew (6 vols.), translated books from French into German, including treatises by James Darmesteter and Zadoc Kahn. Singer's favorite idea was the establishment of world peace and of close spiritual cooperation of Jews and Christians. "This little man," wrote Gutzon Borglum, "with his vast dome and sparkling eyes, whom I tried in my own modest way, as a tribute to a friend, to fix in bronze as a type of Jewish thinker, involuntarily reminds me of his great predecessors, and models, Leibnitz and Diderot." Extensive tribute was paid Singer on the occasion of his sixtieth (1919) and seventieth (1929) birthdays.

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