The International Critical Commentary (ICC):...

Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the following Biblical books: Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah and Joel by John M. P. Smith, William H. Ward, and Julius A. Bewer.

C h a p t e r Home  | T O C  | I n d e x ABBREVIATIONS ix AJSL. = American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures. AJTh. = American Journal of Theology. AOF. = Altorientalische For-schungen, von H. Winckler. Arn. = W. R. Arnold, The Composition of N α. 11– 23, ZAW., XXI, 225– 65. Bach. = J. Bachmann, Zur Text- Kritik des Propheten Zeph-anja, in SK., 1894, pp. 641– 55. Bae. = F. Baethgen. Barth, NB = J. Barth, Die Nom-inalbildung in den Semitischen Spra-chen ( 1889– 91). Bart. = G. A. Barton. BAS. = Beitrage zur Assyri-ologie und Semiti-schen Sprachwis-senschaft. Bauer = G. L. Bauer, Die klein-en Propheten über-setzt u. s. w. ( 1786). BDB. = A Hebrew and Eng-lish Lexicon of the Old Testament, with an Appendix containing the Bib-l i c a l A r a m a i c , based on the Lexi-con of William Ge-senius as trans-lated by Edward Robinson, edited by Francis Brown, with the co- opera-tion of S. R. Driver and Charles A. Briggs ( 1891– 1906). Beer = Article Zephanja, in PRE. 3 Bew. = J. A. Bewer. Bick. = G. Bickell, Beiträge zur semit. Metrik ( 1894). Bick. 1 = Idem, in ZDMG., XXXIV ( 1880), 559 ff. or Carmina, Vet. Test. Metrice ( 1882), 212 f. Boch. = S. Bochart. Bö. = F. Böttcher. Br. = Breiteneicher, Ninive und Νahum ( 1861). Brd. = C. J. Bredenkamp. Bu. = K. Budde. Bu. Gesch. = Idem, Geschichte der althebraischen Lit-teratur ( 1906). Cal. = Calvin’s Commenta-ries on the Twelve Minor Prophets. Casp. = Caspari, Der Prophet O b a d j a , 1 8 4 2 ; Ueber Micha den Morasthiten und seine prophetische Schrift ( 1852). CB. = Critica Biblica, Part I I : E z e k i e l a n d Minor Prophets, by T. K . C h e y n e ( 1903). Che. = T. K. Cheyne, Micah [ Cambridge Bible, 1882]. CIS. = Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum. Con. = R. P. Condamin. Cor. = C. H. Cornill, Einlei-tung in die kanon-ischen Βücher des Alten Testaments

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah, Joel

About Book The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah, Joel

Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PagePREFACECONTENTSABBREVIATIONSPart I. A CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON THE BOOKS OF MICAH, ZEPHANIAH AND NAHUMA CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF MICAHINTRODUCTION TO MICAH. 1. The Book of Micah1. The Text2. The Style3. Poetic Form4. Component Parts5. The Formation of the Book of Micah 2. The Prophet Micah1. His Name2. His Home3. His Character 3. The Times of Micah1. The Date of His Prophecies2. The Background of Chs. 13 4. The Message of Micah 5. Recent Literature On The Book Of MicahA COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF MICAHA. CHAPTERS 13 (1 1). 1. The Superscription 2. The Doom of Israel (1 29). 3. Lamentation Over Israel's Doom (1 1016). 4. The Oppression of the Poor (2 111). 5. The Return of the Exiles (2 12. 13). 6. Denunciation of the Leaders and Prophets (3 18). 7. The Doom of Israel (3 912).B. CHAPTERS 4 AND 5. 8. An Ideal of Yahweh's World-Dominion (4 15). 9. The Doom of Exile and a Promise of Restoration (4 610). 10. The Triumph of Israel (4 1113). 11. A Call to Mourning (4 14). 12. The Messianic King (5 13). 13. Israel's Protection against Invasion (5 4. 5). 14. The Divine Emergence and Irresistible Might of the Remnant (5 68). 15. Israel's Purification through Chastisement (5 914).C. CHAPTERS 6 AND 7. 16. Yahweh's Controversy with Israel (6 15). 17. The Character of True Religion (6 68). 18. The Sin of the City and the Punishment to Come (6 916). 19. Israel's Lamentation Over the Faithlessness Among Her People (7 16). 20. The Discomfiture of the Foe (7 710). 21. The Restoration of Jerusalem and the Return of Exiles (7 1113). 22. A Prayer for Yahweh's Intervention (7 1420).A CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAHINTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAH 1. From the Fall of Thebes to the Fall of Nineveh 2. Zephaniah and His Times1. The Man2. The Times 3. The Book of Zephaniah1. The Contents2. Later Additions3. Poetic Form 4. The Message of Zephaniah 5. Literature on the Book of ZephaniahA COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAH 1. THE SUPERSCRIPTION (1 1) 2. THE DAY OF DOOM UPON JUDAH AND JERUSALEM (1 26). 3. THE TERRORS OF THE DAY OF YAHWEH (1 718). 4. A DAY OF DOOM UPON PHILISTIA (2 17). 5. THE DIVINE VENGEANCE UPON MOAB AND AMMON (2 811). 6. THE DOOM OF ETHIOPIA AND ASSYRIA (2 1215). 7. THE SIN OF JERUSALEM AND THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF YAHWEH (3 17). 8. JERUSALEM DELIVERED (3 813). 9. THE WORLD-WIDE RENOWN OF REDEEMED ISRAEL (3 1420).A CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON NAHUMINTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF NAHUM 1. The book of NahumIts ContentsIts UnityIts Poetic Form 2. The Times of Nahum 3. The Man and the MessageThe ManThe Message 4. Literature on the Book of NahumA COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF NAHUM 1. THE SUPERSCRIPTIONS (1 1) 2. THE AVENGING WRATH OF YAHWEH (1 210) 3. WORDS OF COMFORT TO JUDAH (1 12.13 2 1. 3) 4. THE FALL OF NINEVEH (1 11. 14 2 2. 414) 5. THE IMMINENT AND INEVITABLE END (3 119)INDEXES TO MICAH, ZEPHANIAH AND NAHUMI. INDEX OF HEBREW WORDSII. INDEX OF SUBJECTSPart II. A CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON HABAKKUKINTRODUCTIONAUTHORSHIP AND DATETOPICAL ANALYSISCOMMENTARYPart III. A CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON OBADIAH AND JOELA CRITICAL AND EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY ON OBADIAHINTRODUCTION TO OBADIAH 1. The Composition of the Book 2. The Date of the Book 3. The Interpretation of the Book 4. The Prophet and His Book 5. The Text 6. The Metre 7. Modern LiteratureCOMMENTARY ON OBADIAHDETAILED COMPARISON OF OB. WITH JE. 49TEXTUAL NOTESCOMMENTARY ON JOELINTRODUCTION TO JOEL 1. The Composition of the Book 2. The Date of the Book 3. The Interpretation of the Book 4. The Prophet 5. The text and Metre 6. Modern LiteratureCOMMENTARY ON JOELTHE AWFUL LOCUST PLAGUE AND DROUGHT (1 220)THE UNPRECENTED CHARACTER OF THE PLAGUE AND ITS EXTENT (1 24)POETIC PICTURE OF THE DISTRESS OF THE WINEDRINKERS (1 57)THE DISTRESS OF THE PRIESTS (1 810)THE DISTRESS OF THE HUSBANDMEN AND OF THE VINE DRESSERS (1 11. 12)CALL FOR A PENITENTIAL ASSEMBLY (1 13. 14)INSERTION CONCERNING THE DAY OF YAHWEH (1 15)PRAYER VOICING THE NEED OF ALL CREATURES IN VIEW OF THE FAMINE AND DROUGHT (1 1620)THE INVASION OF THE LOCUST ARMY (2 114)WARNING OF AN UNPARALLELED LOCUST INVASION AND ITS RAVAGES (2 13)THE ADVANCE AND ATTACK OF THE LOCUST ARMY (2 49)INSERTION CONCERNING THE DAY OF YAHWEH (2 10. 11)CALL TO HEARTFELT REPENTANCE (2 1214)THE GREAT PENITENTIAL ASSEMBLY AND ITS PRAYER FOR MERCY (2 1517)YAHWEH'S ANSWER AND PROMISE OF RELIEF AND RESTORATION (2 1820. 25. 26a)SONG OF JOY OVER THE BEGINNINGS OF THE RESTORATION (2 2124. 26a)EDITORIAL LINK (2 26b. 27)THE SIGNS OF THE DAY OF YAHWEH, 3 15 (ENGL. 2 2832)ANNOUNCEMENT AND REASON OF THE JUDGMENT ON ALL THE NATIONS, 4 13 (ENGL. 3 13)SPECIAL ORACLE AGAINST THE PHNICIANS AND PHILISTINES, 4 48 (ENGL. 3 48).PREPARATIONS OF THE NATIONS FOR THE FINAL CONFLICT OR JUDGMENT, 4 912 (ENGL. 3 912)THE SIGNAL FOR THE ATTACK, 4 13 (ENGL. 3 13)THE BATTLE, 4 1417 (ENGL. 3 1417)THE WONDERFUL FERTILITY AND PERMANENT HAPPINESS OF JUDAH IN THE GLORIOUS FUTURE, 4 1821 (ENGL. 3 1821)INDEXES TO OBADIAH AND JOELI. HEBREW WORDSII. SUBJECTS AND NAMES
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