Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew (Scripta...

The twenty-two articles in this collection represent the latest results of the research into Mishnaic Hebrew that is conducted in Israel.

Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXXVII)

About Book Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXXVII)

Front Matter Title PageCopyright PageTable of Contents EDITOR'S PREFACEContent THE STUDY OF MISHNAIC HEBREW GRAMMAR BASED ON WRITTEN SOURCES: ACHIEVEMENTS, PROBLEMS, AND TASKS MOSHE BAR-ASHERI. Introductory RemarksII. Research and AchievementsIII. Problems and TasksIV.Concluding RemarksTHE STUDY OF MISHNAIC HEBREW - THE ORAL EVIDENCE: NATURE AND APPRAISAL SHELOMO MORAG1. Introduction2. Typological Aspects of the Reading Traditions of MishnaicHebrewTHE CONDITIONAL CLAUSE IN MISHNAIC HEBREW MOSHE AZAR1. The Forms of the Conditional Clause2. Conditional Expressions in Non-Conditional Clause FormsTHE FORMATION OF THE NIF'AL III-Y PARTICIPLE IN MISHNAIC HEBREW MOSHE BAR-ASHERThe Readings Traditions in the BibleThe Findings in the Mishnaic Hebrew Traditions that have been Previously Investigated Other Traditions of Mishnaic HebrewMS AntoninMSParma BMS Kaufmann, MS Paris, and the Livorno EditionSummaryAppendixMISHNAIC HEBREW IN A MEDIEVAL FRENCH-ITALIAN TRADITION: POINTS OF INTEREST YAAKOV BENTOLILA 1. Introduction2. The Phonology Reflected in the Vocalization3. Morphology4. ConclusionSTUDIES IN DETERMINATION IN MISHNAIC HEBREW GABRIEL BIRNBAUM1. The Phenomenon of Determination2. Determination in Mishnaic He3. Vocalization in MS Kaufmann4. Vocalization of the Prepositions ? ,? ,? in the Bible 5. Vocalization of the Prepositions ? ,? ,? in MS Kaufmann6. The Emerging RulesExamples Examples ExceptionsTABLE 1TABLE 2TABLE 3TABLE 4TABLE 5SummaryON THE HEBREW DIALECT OF THE AMORA IM IN THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD: YOHANAN BREUERA CONSTRUCTIONS OF PURPOSE AND INTENDED RESULT IN THE HEBREW OF THE MISHNA: STEVEN E. FASSBERG A. Positive Purpose ConstructionsInfinitiveInfinitive with ParticlesImperfect with ParticlesB. Negative Purpose ConstructionsInfinitiveOther InfinitivesImperfect with ParticlesC. Conclusions and Comparative RemarksTHE BABYLONIAN BRANCH OF TANNAITIC HEBREW AND AN ANCIENT SCROLL FRAGMENT (B./HULLIN 101 a-105 a): SHAMMA FRIEDMAN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW CONJUGATIONS FROM BIBLICAL ROOTS THAT SURVIVED INMISHNAIC HEBREW ISAAC GLUSKA 1. The Nature of the Root2. Aims, Methods, and Corpus3. Development of New Stems4. ConclusionsON DEONTIC MODALITY IN MISHNAIC HEBREW: MENAHEM ZEVI KADDARI The Modality of PermiThe Noun Denoting the Matter for which Permission Has Been GrantedThe Name of the AbstractionThe Modality of ProhibitionThe Noun which Denotes the Matter to which the Prohibition AppliesThe Noun which Denotes the AbstractionThe Modality of ObligationThe Nouns Participating in the Field of Obligation in Mishnaic Hebrew in the Orders Zeraim and Moed A. The Noun Used to Describe the Person to Whom the Obligation RefersB. The Nouns Used to Describe the Object to which the Obligation RefersC. The Abstraction of the ObligationThe Border Areas of the Nouns Participating in the Field of ObligationYEMENITE TRADITIONS OF MISHNAIC HEBREW IN THE TRACTATE KELIM YECHIEL KARA A. The Yemenite TraditionsB. The Tractate KelimC. EpilogueD. SummaryLEXICOGRAPHICAL PROBLEMS -EARLY AND LATE MENAHEM KISTERI. ??? - ???II. ???? ??? and Related Expressions III. ????KARAITES AND MISHNAIC HEBREW:QUOTATIONS AND USAGE AHARON MAMAN 1. Introduction2. The Nature of Rabbinic Quotations3. The Use of Rabbinic Hebrew in Karaite Hebrew Writings4. ConclusionTHE SAMARITAN AND YEMENITE TRADITIONS OF HEBREW: POINTS OF CONTACT SHELOMO MORAG2. Pa'el theme or Simple-Ayin Heavy theme? INTERPRETATION AND LEXICOGRAPHY:THE CASE OF ??? SHLOMO NAEH??? ?????: GAD B. SARFAITIINFINITIVAL SENTENCES IN MISHNAIC HEBREW: A SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC STUDYS: HIMON SHARVIT 1. The Nature of the Infinitive and Its Status in Mishnaic Hebrew2. Two-Place Verbs3. Three-Place Verbs4. Exocentric PhrasesOBSERVATIONS ON WORD FORMATION IN SAMARITANARAMAIC II: THE ???? PATTERN ABRAHAM TAL RABBINIC HEBREW AS REFLECTED INPERSONAL NAMES: DAVID TALSHIRI. ?????? ? ????? ? ??????II. ????? ???? ?(?)???? LINGUISTIC STUDY OF A RABBINIC QUOTATION EMBEDDED IN A KARAITE COMMENTARY ON EXODUS: OFRA TIROSH-BECKERA. IntroductionB. The QuotationTranslationC. ??????/?????? D. ???? / ????E. ??? / ???F. SummaryTHE SeWA IN MAIMONIDES' COMMENTARY TOTHE MISHNA (AUTOGRAPH) TALMA ZURAWELSewa Before Dages Forte Replacement of Sewa By Other Signs Back Matter ABBREVIATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCESCopyright Page Title Page
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Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica Vol. 2

Studies in Jewish Education IX: Understanding the Bible in Our Time
The ninth volume of Studies in Jewish Education examines issues relating to Biblical research and instruction.

A comprehensive literary inquiry into a history of the Exodus tradition as it has evolved through time. The book examines the narrative of Exodus, compares it to biblical sources as well as to information provided in Apocryphic, Pseudepigrahic, Hellenistic and Midrashic documents.

History of the Jews: Complete Set in 6 Volumes
A condensed reproduction of the entire eleven volumes of the “Geschichte der Juden,” the first comprehensive attempt to write the history of the Jews as the history of a living people and from a Jewish point of view.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 5
The most comprehensive work in its class; includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology.

Hanukkah: The Feast of Lights
There is a glamour and mystery about the Feast of Lights. Miss Solis-Cohen takes up the challenge of Hanukkah to the modern Jew and tries to explain it. The book will appeal to adults and to children, to those who seek knowledge on the holiday's origin and history.

By Design: science search for God
The book introduces and summarizes two contemporary movements science and religion dialogue and intelligent design . After reading By Design we understand how what was once a battleground between God and science can now become a meeting ground.


The Emergence of Conservative Judaism: The Historical School in 19th Century America
The book begins with description of the early decades of the past century, when American Judaism was still the expression of a religiously united community, and then probes the tensions and new forms of Jewish institutional and personal practice as they resulted from the needs of Jewish experience and from contact with American tradition, ideas and events.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): HAGGAI, ZECHARIAH, MALACHI AND JONAH
For all the talk about Bible being a source of Western ethics, Mitchell's is one of the very few books extant that pays more then a lip service to this concept.

Mystic Tales from the Zohar
A translation of eight of the most interesting narratives found in the Zohar. In addition, the book contains a comprehensive introduction, a glossary, notes, and a bibliography.

Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa
This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of “the forgotten million” that once comprised the great Jewish communities of North Africa. It covers a period of more than two thousand years in the history of those communities.

Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa
This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of “the forgotten million” that once comprised the great Jewish communities of North Africa. It covers a period of more than two thousand years in the history of those communities.

The Book of Delight and Other Papers
The book contains eight chapters of an absorbing text, including The Book of Delight, A Visit to Hebron, Medieval Mayfaring, and Marriages Are Made in Heaven.

The Birobidzhan Affair: A Yiddish Writer in Siberia
The Birobidzhan Affair is the autobiography, “a chronicle of heart-rending events” recounting Emiot's eight years at hard labor in various work camps in Siberia. Poignant, remarkably understated in tone, it provides evidence of his travails as a Jewish victim of the bitter bureaucracy that was Stalinist Russia.

The Path of the Upright: Mesillat Yesharim
The Path of the Upright, Rabbi Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto's guide to the perfection of human soul, stands on its own as one of the most influential and inspirational ethical works in Judaism. In this work, the author probes every aspect of the human personality and offers advice on ways to overcome its weaknesses. The Path of the Upright: Messillat Yesharim is a bilingual edition in Hebrew and English.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 7
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.


The International Critical Commentary (ICC): PROVERBS
... the crown belongs to Crawford H. Toy's voluminous interpretation of the book of Proverbs --Rudolf Smend, from Wisdom in Ancient Israel , Cambridge, 1997.

JPS Torah Commentary: Genesis
The JPS Torah Commentary series guides readers through the words and ideas of the Torah. Each volume is the work of a scholar who stands at the pinnacle of his field.

A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, in 3 Volumes
Henry Charles Lea s three-volume The History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages (sold as a set only) is widely regarded by scholars in the field as one of the outstanding works of scholarship on the subject.


Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica, in 5 volumes
This five-volume set represents the finest work of the late nineteenth century Biblical scholarship.

JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot
The most recent addition to the JPS Bible Commentary series covers the varied selections from the Nevi'im that comprise the haftarot, chanted on Sabbaths and holy days in synagogues.

Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi
The gift of song, cherished and tended as it was by the Spanish Jews of the Middle Ages, reached its highest development in the poems of Jehudah Halevi. His love poems are made of dew and fire. But in his poems to Zion there is no such combination of a poet's ordinary artifices. It is his soul that is the instrument—and on his heartstrings is played the song of Israel's hope.

Rabad of Posquieres: A Twelfth-Century Talmudist
This biographical treatise captures the personality of Rabbad of Posquieres or Rabbi Abraham ben David – one of the most creative talmudic scholars of the twelfth century, chronicles his role in the intellectual history of the Jews in southern France during the twelfth century, and outlines his influence on subsequent generations.

The Jews of Egypt: From Ramses II to Emperor Hadrian
This is the story of the adventures and misadventures of the Jewish people in the land of Egypt – shrouded in the mists of biblical history under the Pharaohs; the strange intermezzo of the Jewish mercenary detachment on the island of Elephantine on the upper Nile; the apogee of Jewish culture under the Ptolemies; and, finally, the Jewish community's rapid decline and catastrophic disappearance under Roman rule.

Christianity and Judaism: Two Covenants
A great historian of Jewish religion analyzes the conflictual relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Studies in History (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXIII)
This anthology contains such articles as The Holy Congregation in Jerusalem by S. Safrai, Persecutions and Maryrdom in Hadrian's Days by M. D. Herr, The Imperial Court-Jew Wolf Werthheimer as Dimlomatic Mediator by B. Mevorah, To whom did Mendelssohn Reply in his Jerusalem , by Jacob Katz, Caesar: An Economic Biography and its Political Significance by I. Shatzman and others.

A History of the Jews in Christian Spain. Vol. 1
One of the century s great classics of Jewish historiography. This first volume of the two-volume set takes the story down to the middle of the thirteen century in Castile.

The House of Nasi: The Duke of Naxos
Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, Lord of Tiberias, was a Marrano or “converse,” knighted by Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, a jousting partner of Emperor Maximillian, and a court advisor to Suleiman the Magnificent. During his astonishing life as a statesman, financier, and philanthropist in sixteenth-century Europe, he moved across the continent from Antwerp to Paris, to Naples, to Rome, and from there to Constantinople, where he reembraced Judaism.

Early History of the Alphabet
A most enjoyable and informative book. . . an excellent introduction to epigraphy and paleography of ancient Semitic languages . . . contains a wealth of information compiled into a simple to understand format.

Legends of the Bible
This is storytelling with a grain of salt and a lot of wit; tales springing from the antiquity of oral tradition, told with sheer delight in the glory of a book transformed by a hundred generations whose daily thoughts and deeds were transformed by The Book.

Israel and the Nations
Israel and the Nations is a handbook of Jewish apologetics. The author's primary goal was to put together all the arguments of Jew-baiting and to explain their nature and origin. This work is a source of information and reference for all those who are in quest of enlightenment.

Jewish Post-Biblical History through Great Personalities: From Jochanan ben Zakkai Through Moses Mendelssohn
In this book the effort has been to select from the pages of post-Biblical Jewish history the outstanding personalities, to present the life and work of each in such a way as to illustrate the spirit of Judaism in his time, and, in doing this, to analyze and systematize the complex and abstract subject matter so that it may offer the fewest difficulties to the pupil's mind.

Dona Gracia of the House of Nasi
The noted historian Cecil Roth presents the first full-length biography of Dona Gracia in the English language. Banker, diplomat, philanthropist, defender of her people and promoter of its culture, she was revered by her sixteenth-century contemporaries and earned the highest esteem among Jewish historians in succeeding generations.

USCJ eLuah 5776

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 1
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

Spain, the Jews, and Franco
The role played by Spain during World War II regarding the Jews has long been a matter of controversy. This volume, first published in Hebrew to wide acclaim seeks to set the record straight. It offers a full and objective account of the rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied countries by the Franco regime.

The Anti-Chomsky Reader
Provocative essays that analyze Noam Chomsky's intellectual and political career: coverage includes Chomsky's contribution to linguistics, his hatred of Israel, gloating reaction to the September 11 attacks, as well as his collaboration with Holocaust revisionists, apologies Pol Pot, and others.

Palestine in the 18th Century

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 9

Studies in Jewish Education X: In Search of Jewish Paideia : Directions in the Philosophy of the Jewish Education
The 10th volume of Studies in Jewish Education reflects the commitment of the Hebrew University in general, and of the Melton Centre in particular, to reflection and research on issues pertaining to Jewish education. The essays and articles appearing in this volume represent the summary of a conference held in honor of Prof. Michael Rosenak on the occasion of his retirement after 33 years of research and teaching at the Melton Centre.

Encyclopedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political, and Religious History, the Archæology, Geography, and Natural History of the Bible (in 4 volumes)
New electronic edition of classic four-volume Bible-focused encyclopedia supplied with sophisticated navigation, single-click lookup of original Hebrew text, and copy/paste functionality that comes with automatically generated bibliography.

Magic Spells and Formulae: Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity
Following the publication of Amulets and Magic Bowls , several new magic texts were made available to the authors. Presented in the same scholarly manner,this is a valuable insight into the religious life and practices of common people in the Talmudic period.

Talmud Yerushalmi: A Concordance of Amoraic Terms, Expressions and Phrases, in 3 vols.
A concordance of Amoraic terminology in Talmud Yerushalmi designed to assist to come much closer to the original text of the Yerushalmi and to its accurate interpretation.

Historisch-kritisches Lehrgebäude der hebräischen Sprache (in drei Bänden)
This is the largest compilation of grammatical material for Hebrew Bible.

Luah Hashannah 5778
A guide to prayers, readings, laws, and customs for the synagogue and for the home

A Treatise on the use of the Tenses in Hebrew
If you work with the Hebrew verbal system, this is a book you *must* have read.

The Third Pillar
Through slow and difficult years of impassioned creative effort, the author has summed up, distilled, symbolized the incomparable tragedy of Jewish people into an essentially poetic form that is clear with a great intellectual clarity, as well as majestic with the grandeur of the theme he treats.