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Studia Biblica Vol. 1

by S. R. Driver

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TitleStudia Biblica Vol. 1
AuthorS. R. Driver
PublisherVarda Books
Publication Date2009



About the Author 

S. R. Driver ---

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DRIVER, SAMUEL ROLLES: English Christian Hebraist born at Southampton Oct. 2, 1846, Driver can truly be called in the words of one of the observers "the greatest Bible scholar of his generation."

One of the foremost champions of Biblical criticism, Driver has always taken a conservative view, showing much moderation and sympathy with the orthodox position. As such he was often attacked both from the Left and the Right of the field. His “A Treatise on the Use of the Tenses in Hebrew” (Oxford, 1874; 3d ed., 1892), has remained one of the most complete presentation of the subject.

For Driver “the Old Testament is not a systematic treatise on theology, but the record of a historical revelation, which, just because it was historical, passed through many successive phases, and was completed gradually”; and the conclusions at which he arrives “affect, not the fact of revelation, but only its form. They help to determine the stages through which it passed, the different phases which it assumed, and the process by which the record of it was built up. They do not touch either the authority or the inspiration of the scriptures of the Old Testament” (compare his “Isaiah,” Preface, and “Introduction,” p. vii., New York, 1891).

Driver is the author of numerous critical works dealing with the most important books of Tanakh, and his “Introduction” is still one of the standard English work on the subject. He has edited two small rabbinical works: a commentary on Jeremiah and Ezekiel by Moses ben Sheshet, London, 1871, and one on Proverbs, attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra, Oxford, 1880. Driver has also been a collaborator on the second edition of Smith's “Bible Dictionary,” on Hasting's “Dictionary of the Bible,” and on Cheyne and Black's “Encyclopædia Biblica,” and was coeditor, with Professors Brown and Briggs, of  The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon.


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I. Recent Theories on the Origin and Nature of the Tetragrammaton

            S. R. DRIVER, D.D., Christ Church, Regius Professor of Hebrew, Dec. 3, 1883


II. The Light thrown by the Septuagint Version on the Books of Samuel

            F. H. WOODS, B.D., Tutor of St. John's College, May 5, 1884


III. On the Dialects spoken in Palestine in the time of Christ

            AD. NEUBAUER, M.A., Exeter College, Reader in Rabbinical Hebrew and Sub-Librarian of the Bodleian Library, Feb. 1 8 and May 12, 1884


IV. On a new Theory of the Origin and Composition of the Synoptic Gospels proposed by G. Wetzel

            A. EDERSHEIM, M.A., Christ Church, Nov. 19, 1883


V. A Commentary on the Gospels attributed to Theophilus of Antioch

            W . SANDAY, M.A., Exeter College, Ireland Professor of Exegesis, Oct. 29, 1883


VI. The Text of the Codex Rossanensis (E)

            W . SANDAY, Feb. 4, 1884


VII. The Corbey St. James (ff), and its relation to other Latin versions, and to the original language of the Epistle

            JOHN WORDSWORTH, M.A., B.N.C., Oriel Professor of Interpretation, Feb. 11, 1884


VIII. A Syriac Biblical Manuscript of the Fifth Century with special reference to its bearing on the text of the Syriac version of the Gospels

            G. H . GWILLIAM, M.A., Fellow of Hertford College, May 26, 1884


IX The date of S. Polycarp's Martyrdom

            T. RANDELL, M.A., St. John's College, Feb. 25, 1884


X. On some newly-discovered Temanite and Nabataean Inscriptions

            AD. NEUBAUER, Nov. 17, 1884


XI Some further Remarks on the Corbey St. James (ff)

            W. SANDAY, Feb. 9, 1885

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