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3D A-to-Z
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3D A-to-Z

Publisher: McFarland
Publication Date: 2012
Category: General
Grades: Recommended
Number of Pages: 181
Appropriate for: Lower-level undergraduates through professionals/practitioners; general readers
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About this title

Since the invention of the stereoscope in 1830, stereoscopic 3D has remained on the cutting edge of the media and entertainment industry. Every 20 to 30 years, a new generation rediscovers stereo filmmaking, fueling its resurgence with additional twists introduced by the technological advancements of the intervening years.

This encyclopedic dictionary offers a definitive compilation of information on the art and science of stereoscopic 3D, including still and moving images; film and digital image acquisition; production, post-production, distribution, and exhibition; and human visual perception. In addition to standard dictionary definitions, it includes many extended encyclopedic entries and nearly 300 black-and-white and color illustrations. Taking the mystery out of 3D's unique language, the work provides a basis for clear communication among industry professionals and historical context for those new to the discipline.

About author
Richard W Kroon

An award-winning videographer, Richard W. Kroon is senior project manager for Technicolor Digital Content Delivery. He lives in Lake Balboa, California.


Kroon, Richard W. 3D A-to-Z: an encyclopedic dictionary. McFarland, 2012. 166p bibl afp ISBN 0786468246 pbk; ISBN 9780786468249 pbk. Reviewed in 2012oct CHOICE.

Once again, 3-D movies are taking the theaters by storm. Each succeeding wave of 3-D photography since the 1920s has capitalized on advances in technology; in turn, the technology has capitalized on the expanding understanding of vision and brain physiology. This highly complex territory finally has a comprehensive dictionary. Entries range from brief to page-long descriptions. Definitions are extensively cross-referenced, which enhances their educational function. The ample illustrations, diagrams, and charts are clearly captioned or labeled. Videographer Kroon has covered the gamut: all the tools, techniques, concepts, and common phrases of human visual perception, still and moving stereography, film and digital image acquisition, production, and postproduction--even the details of distribution and exhibition. As one would expect, this is a highly technical volume. However, Kroon provides numerous notes within definitions to clarify potential points of confusion, and sometimes even offers historical context. From Ray Zone's foreword, "Z-Space Linguistics" (a brief, lively history of the subject), to the 74-item bibliography, this volume will fill the needs of photographers and filmmakers seeking to understand and communicate with exactitude in this burgeoning area of film production.

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through professionals/practitioners; general readers. -- D. A. Schmitt, St. Louis Community College at Meramec

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