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Business Value of DB2 for z/OS, The
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Business Value of DB2 for z/OS, The

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: March 2013
Subject: Computer: Database
Number of Pages: 145

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About this title
The launch of DB2 on June 7, 1983, marked the birth of relational database as a cornerstone for the enterprise; 30 years later, DB2 for z/OS is still the undisputed leader in the RDBMS market and the envy of its competitors when it comes to total system availability, scalability, security, reliability, and cost effectiveness. A majority of Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s top banks, retailers, and insurance providers, store mission-critical operational data in IBM System z and DB2 for z/OS.

Why? It seems everyone offers a marketing bundle “just like the mainframe,” and while some of these solutions have some basic capabilities, DB2 for z/OS and System z continue to lead the way with fresh capabilities to handle rapidly changing, diverse, and unpredictable workloads while maximizing resource utilization and investment.

During 2013, IBM will celebrate the 30th anniversary of DB2 with customers, business partners, users, employees, and DB2 fans all around the world. DB2 11 Early Support Program was announced in October 2012, with General Availability expected to follow shortly.

This book is packed with rich information to help you manage your IT business systems. Namik Hrle, Ruiping Li, and Wolfgang Hengstler cover the key design and operational aspects of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator that enable DB2 for z/OS clients to benefit from faster performance, reduced CPU usage, and lower costs. Terry Purcell gives a technical overview of how IBM DB2 for z/OS Optimizer addresses key customer pains such as reducing total cost of ownership while maintaining stability and reliability. John Campbell discusses the planning stage of migrating to IBM DB2 10 and reveals secrets to ensure a successful upgrade.

Find out why DB2 is still growing after 30 years and how it is helping our customers to reduce costs and grow.
About authors
Namik Hrle
Namik Hrle works in the IBM Boeblingen Development Laboratory and is the lab's chief Information Management technologist, responsible for strategy and technology directions. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, he belongs to a small circle of the top technical leaders whose work and expertise affect the direction of IBM. He is a member of the Information Management Architecture Board, Software Group Architecture Board Steering Committee, Technical Experts Council, and many other IBM expert teams that work on strategic technology topics as well as address customers' information technology needs and requirements. He is the holder of numerous patents, outstanding technical achievements, and author recognition and corporate awards.

Ruiping Li
Ruiping Li is a Senior Engineer in DB2 for z/OS development at IBM Silicon Valley Lab. She is the technical lead responsible for the DB2 query acceleration support for the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. She has been the development lead for DB2 9 for z/OS new feature optimistic locking support and DB2 10 for z/OS new feature timestamp with time zone data type support and has also been the key developer for some other important functionality. This functionality includes pureXML index exploitation, complex queries, MQTs, and multiple CCSID features in DB2 for z/OS.

Terry Purcell
Terry Purcell is a Senior Technical Staff Member with the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he is lead designer for the DB2 for z/OS Optimizer. Terry has two decades of experience with DB2 in database administration and application development as a customer, consultant, and DB2 developer.

About the Authors
Foreword by Don Haderle
Introduction by Surekha Parekh
30 Years of Innovation
The Vision of DB2

Revolution in IBM DB2 Performance: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
by Namik Hrle, Ruiping Li, and Wolfgang Hengstler
What Is Business Analytics?
How Business Analytics Can Help Your Organization
Key Design and Operational Features
Query Execution Process Flow
DB2 Analytics Accelerator Content Maintenance
DB2 Analytics Accelerator Table Definition and Deployment
High-Performance Storage Saver
Connectivity Options
Disaster Recovery Considerations
Query Acceleration Criteria
Query Acceleration Control Knobs
EXPLAIN Function
System-Scope Instrumentation
Thread-Scope Instrumentation
DB2 Analytics Accelerator Administrative Stored Procedures
DISPLAY ACCELerator Command
Performance Considerations
The PureData System for Analytics S-Blade, Based on Netezza Technology
Applying Data Stream Processing to DB2 Queries
Comparing PureData System for Analytics Appliance Models
Minimizing Disk Failures
Minimizing S-Blade Failures

DB2 10 for z/OS Query Optimization Update
by Terry Purcell
Access Path Management
DB2 10 Takes Plan Management to the Next Level
Predicate Processing and Runtime Optimizations
Sort Performance Enhancements
New Choices for the Query Optimizer
Improving Parallelism Efficiency and Removing Limitations
Improving the Inputs to the Query Optimizer

Planning for IBM DB2 10 for z/OS Upgrade
by John Campbell
Highlights of the Beta Program Testing
Performance and Scalability
Other Issues
Incompatible Changes
Migration and Planning Considerations
Items Planned for Post-GA Delivery
When Should You Migrate to DB2 10 for z/OS

DB2 10 for z/OS Case Studies
Kela Invests in Improving Service Delivery for Finland's Citizens
Primerica Improves Efficiency and Gains More Flexibility
GAD Upgrades Database Systems to Boost Power and Productivity
DB2 10 for z/OS Eases Workload Consolidation for Bankdata and JN Data
Bank Hapoalim Improves Efficiency, Reduces Tape Usage by 25 Percent
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