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IBM WebSphere Portal Primer
preview of book IBM WebSphere Portal Primer
text of book IBM WebSphere Portal Primer

IBM WebSphere Portal Primer

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: July 2005
Subject: Computer: WebSphere
Category: Internet/Web
Number of Pages: 553

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About this title
What makes the WebSphere programming model so compelling? Why is WebSphere Portal server fast becoming the world's premier portal server in sales and functionality? What are portlets? What is the open Portlet API? How is it possible to secure and manage large Web portals that each have their own distinctive look? Does WebSphere Portal support B2B, or B2C, or B2E, or all of them? Which topologies does it support? Is it J2EE certified? This book answers these and many more such questions and covers everything from basic e-commerce concepts to advanced three-tier Internet topologies.

Completely updated for V5.1.x, this new edition systematically guides you through IBM's WebSphere Portal product, which includes the Portal server, the Personalization server, WebSphere Content Management, Document Manager, versatile search engines, and the collaboration component.

Software developers who are creating simple portlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs) or are well-versed in using JavaBeans will find this book's contents relevant. It covers installation, configuration, administration, tuning, and usage of WebSphere Portal server software. It discusses portlets, servlets, security, single sign-on, transactions, session management, and scaling as it relates to WebSphere Portal server.

With a foreword by Robert Will, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Corporation, Chief Architect of WebSphere Portal.

IBM WebSphere Portal Primer will help you:
  • Obtain an overall understanding of portals and all components of WebSphere Portal V5.1
  • Understand WebSphere Portal via screen shots, sample code, and best practices
  • Learn the step-by-step installation, configuration, and administration procedures
  • Discover everything about portlets including the latest JSR 168 portlet API
  • Gain an understanding of portal architecture and possible topologies
  • Design secure and highly available Web Portals
  • Explore how web services and processes can be integrated within portals
  • Find out all the latest enhancements to V5.1 of IBM's WebSphere Portal
  • Learn how to implement B2C, B2E, and B2B portals
  • Create Virtual Portals and the newest kind of portal--Process Portals
About authors
Ashok K. Iyengar
Ashok K. Iyengar is an Executive IT Specialist at IBM based in San Diego. He holds an MS degree in Computer Science from North Dakota State University, Fargo. Iyengar has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and in his spare time loves to write. Among his works are the popular WebSphere Business Integration Primer (IBM Press, 2007) and WebSphere Portal Primer (IBM Press, 2005). For the last several years, he has worked on cloud-based projects doing proofs-of-concept, pilots, architecture design, and implementations.

Venkata V. Gadepalli
Venkata V. Gadepalli (Vishy) is a member of the WebSphere Enablement Team based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has more than eight years of experience in the IT field and has been involved in customer engagements involving WebSphere Portal server for the last four years. He has authored numerous papers, which have been published both internally within IBM and externally outside of IBM. He has also spoken at many conferences on topics involving WebSphere Portal and how it integrates with other back-ends. Vishy also co-authored the first edition of this book.

Bruce R. Olson
Bruce R. Olson is a member of the WebSphere Enablement Team based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has more than 21 years of experience in the IT field. He holds a BS degree in computer science from DePaul University. Bruce has worked as a WebSphere consultant since 1999, specializing in WebSphere Personalization, Content Management, and Portals. Before joining the WebSphere team, he helped to design and implement the IBM C++ User Interface Class Library. Bruce has co-authored two editions of Power GUI Programming. Before that, he worked in the IBM Artificial Intelligence Support Center, focusing on Expert Systems.

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