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IBM i5/iSeries Primer
preview of book IBM i5/iSeries Primer
text of book IBM i5/iSeries Primer

IBM i5/iSeries Primer

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: April 2006
Subject: Computer: Operating Systems
Number of Pages: 649

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About this title
This comprehensive, 35-chapter book is the ultimate resource and a "must-have" for every professional working with the i5/iSeries. It is perfect for novice and intermediate programmers as well as for system administrators and operators. In simple, straightforward style, the authors explain core i5/iSeries concepts and show you step by step how to perform a wide variety of essential functions.

The book includes sections on installation, operations, administration, system architecture, programming, the Internet, and troubleshooting. These sections are organized in free-standing style so you don't have to read the book from cover to cover or even sequentially; you can reference the chapters that interest you most, skip some, and jump back and forth as needed. It even contains a helpful glossary to act as a fast reference for all the terms you need to know.

Completely updated through i5/OS V5, the fourth edition of this bestselling book contains page after page of information covering RPG IV and Java programming, system values, database and SQL, important system security information, the i5/iSeries as an Internet server, and much more. You'll learn the essential technical concepts you need to get up to speed on all areas of the i5/iSeries, and your increased understanding of the system will boost your productivity.

Even if you have a previous edition of this book, you'll want to get this new edition with all the V5 update and brand-new topics like:
  • iSeries Navigator
  • Java
  • SQL
  • iSeries Access
  • HTTP Server
  • Qshell
  • Client/Server and TCP/IP
  • Client Access

This book is a learning tool and valuable reference you will use for years to come. As one satisfied reader put it, "If you could own only one i5/iSeries book, this would be it."

With IBM i5/iSeries Primer, Fourth Edition you will:
  • Learn how to install an i5 server
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of i5/iSeries operations
  • Understand libraries, objects, library lists, and everything you need to know about files
  • Be able to configure a system
  • Explore i5/iSeries programming basics, including how to use utilities, journaling, and commitment control
  • Discover what to do in case of trouble, how to request help from IBM, how to report problems, and how to manage PTFs
About author
Ted Holt
Ted Holt has been working in the IT industry since 1981, primarily with IBM midrange computers. His industry experience includes the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and wholesale. Ted holds a master's degree in computer science and has taught in community colleges, universities, and vocational/technical schools.

Ted is the author of several books on programming topics, including Open Query File Magic!, Complete CL, Power CL, and the MC Press Encyclopedia of Tips, Techniques, and Programming Practices for iSeries and AS/400. He is also a frequent contributor to several magazines.

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running
Planning Physical Space
IBM's Part of the Deal
You Take Over
Make the System Available

Chapter 2: Powering Up and Down
Unattended IPL
Attended IPL
The Start-Up Program
Ending Subsystems
Power Down the System
Automatic Power Schedule

Chapter 3: Controlling the System
The System Console
The Hardware Management Console
Getting Help
Checking System Activity
Display Jobs
Job Logs
The System Log, QHST

Chapter 4: Subsystems
Running QBASE
Running Multiple Subsystems
Maintaining Your Own Subsystems

Chapter 5: Working with Printed Output
About Output Queues
Commands to Control Printed Output
Controlling Printer Writers
Holding and Releasing Writers

Chapter 6: Backup and Recovery
Backing Up
Disaster Recovery Planning
Using Save Files

Chapter 7: Operational Assistant
Accessing OA

Chapter 8: User Messages
Sending Messages
Displaying Messages
Sending Break Messages

Chapter 9: Commands and System Help
OS/400 Command Name Structure
Finding a Command
Command Parameters
Customizing IBM Commands
The Command Prompter
System Help

Chapter 10: iSeries Navigator

Chapter 11: System Values
System Value References
Managing System Values
Date Time and Editing System Values
Security System Values
Library List System Values
System Control System Values
Power Up and Down System Values

Chapter 12: iSeries Access on i5
Where Do I Get iSeries Access?
iSeries Access Basics
Configuring iSeries Access
iSeries Access File Transfer
iSeries Access Macros

Chapter 13: Elements of Security and Configuration 5
User Profiles
Group Profiles and Authorization Lists
Device Descriptions
Job Descriptions
Output Queues
Security Tools

Chapter 14: Printing
Output Queues
Assigning a Printer to a User
Where Output Goes

Chapter 15: Journaling and Commitment Control
Journals and Journal Receivers
Commitment Control

Chapter 16: Maintenance
IBM or Third Party?
Maintenance Agreements
IPLing Regularly
Performing an Unattended IPL
Reclaiming Storage
DASD Saving Techniques

Chapter 17: Manuals
Printed Manuals
Online Manuals
Some Important Manuals

Chapter 18: Upgrading to a New Release

Chapter 19: Libraries, Objects, and Library Lists
Single-Level Storage
Other System Storage
IBM Libraries
User Libraries
Working with Objects
Library Lists

Chapter 20: Database and Device Files
Classification of Files
Physical Files
Source Files
Simple Logical Files
Join Logical Files
Display and Printer Files
Sharing Files
Overriding Files

Chapter 21: Understanding the S/36 Environment
Libraries and Objects
S/36E Structure
Entering the Environment
Leaving the Environment
Maintaining the Environment
Operation Control Language

Chapter 22: Data Description Specifications
Coding DDS
The A-Specs
Complexity of DDS
Physical Files
A Simple Example
Simple Logical Files
Join Logical Files
An Example of a Join File
Multiformat Logical Files
Display Files
Printer Files

Chapter 23: Control Language
Commands and Parameters
Control Commands
Dealing with Errors
Retrieving Data
Using Files

Chapter 24: RPG IV
The C-Specs

Chapter 25: SQL on i5 and iSeries
SQL Basics for Beginners
Schemas, Collections, Libraries, and Databases
Getting Started with STRSQL
Getting Started with the SQL Scripting Tool
Optimizing SQL
Using QM Query

Chapter 26: Java on i5 and iSeries
What Is Java?
Why Use Java on i5?
Where to Get Java
Java Basics
Compiling Java
Running Java
Java Variables
Passing Arguments to Java
Arithmetic in Java
Adding Logic to Java
Exception Handling in Java
Java Methods

Chapter 27: Qshell
Installation of Qshell
Running Qshell
Qshell Scripting

Chapter 28: Sorting Data
Using Physical File Keys
Using a Logical File

Chapter 29: IBM Utilities

Chapter 30: Putting the i5 on the Net
Internet Connection
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Internet Security
i5 Security
Implementing a Firewall
All Connected and No Place to Go
Web Sites to Visit

Chapter 31: Programming with the HTTP Server
HTTP Server
Which HTTP Server?
Installing the HTTP Server
Creating a New Server Instance
Using an HTTP Server
Configuring an HTTP Server
Building a Simple Web Page
Calling iSeries Programs from a Browser
What Is a CGI Program?
Where Do I Start?
How Do I Write the RPG Code?
Small Steps in Web Development

Chapter 32: Basic Troubleshooting
Severe Trouble
Mild Trouble

Chapter 33: Using ECS
Managing ECS
Uses of ECS

Chapter 34: Reporting Problems
The ANZPRB Command
Working with Problem Logs

Chapter 35: PTF Management
Reporting a Problem
Requesting PTFs
Installing PTFs
Displaying PTFs
Applying PTFs Permanently
Removing PTFs


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