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Active Server Pages Primer
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Active Server Pages Primer

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: May 2003
Subject: Computer: Web Site Design & Programming
Category: Internet/Web
Number of Pages: 231

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About this title
This book takes an in-depth look at the ASP concept and how to make the most of it. You'll go step-by-step through creating entire applications using ASP. Along the way, you'll see correlations between the development process on the iSeries and the same process within an ASP. Once you've learned how easy it is to build ASP applications, you might wonder how you ever got along without them.

Since HTML and ASP work hand-in-hand, this book provides an introduction to HTML and then gets you right into exploring the ASP concept. You'll also learn how data access is achieved within an ASP, how to convert an iSeries application into an ASP application, how to use the specific VB Script statements that replace RPG op codes, and how an interactive application in RPG is converted into an ASP.

You will learn to create a complete, fully functional, ASP shopping cart application. This example application reads, writes, and updates data on the iSeries from a Web-based order-entry system. You'll examine techniques used to pass data among multiple Web pages within a multi-page ASP application.

You'll also create an ASP ad-hoc sales-reporting tool that uses data stored on the iSeries, and you'll use Microsoft Office Web Components to incorporate charts and spreadsheets into your ASP.

The book also takes a look at the changes Microsoft has implemented with ASP.NET, the next generation of ASP. Not only will you understand the concept of .NET, you will also learn exactly what is required to convert an ASP application into an ASP.NET application.

Get the comprehensive guide that can take you all the way to Active Server Pages development.

When you complete this book, you will know:
  • How to create ASP applications
  • How to convert interactive RPG applications into ASP applications
  • How to convert iSeries applications into ASP applications
  • How to convert ASP applications to ASP.NET applications
  • How to use the specific VB Script statements that replace RPG opcodes
  • How to create a complete, fully functional, ASP shopping cart application
  • How to use new techniques to pass data among multiple Web pages
  • How to create an ASP ad-hoc sales-reporting tool that uses data stored on the iSeries
About author
Mike Faust
Mike Faust has been working with midrange systems and personal computers for over a decade, wearing every hat from network administrator to software developer to MIS manager. During that time, he has focused his attention on integration between platforms, and he has used that multiplatform knowledge to stretch perceived programming limitations by developing new and sometimes surprising programming techniques. Mike has also written more than a dozen technical articles for the former Midrange Computing magazine, one of which was a finalist for the 2000 Maggie magazine awards in the Best How-to Article category.

Chapter 1: Creating HTMLWeb Pages
HTML Document Structure
Document-Level Tags
Detail-level Tags
HTML Tables
HTML Forms
HTML Frames

Chapter 2: Introduction to Active Server Pages
The Setup
Some Examples
ASP Objects
Using HTML Forms with ASP
Client VBScripting and JavaScripting

Chapter 3: ASP Data Access
Configuring Data Access
ActiveX Data Objects
A Practical Example

Chapter 4: Converting to ASP
RPG Operation Codes
DOWxx, DOUxx
Program Conversion
ASP Reports

Chapter 5: ASP Order Entry
The Building Blocks
Item Master Maintenance
Customer Master Maintenance
The Order-entry Application

Chapter 6: Ad Hoc Sales Reporting with ASP
First, the Data
Report Definition
Report Generation

Chapter 7: Moving to ASP.NET
Why Go .NET?
Changes in ASP.NET
Preparing for ASP.NET

Appendix A: HTML Tag Reference
Appendix B: Sample Application Installation Instructions
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