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HTML for the Business Developer
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HTML for the Business Developer

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: August 2008
Subject: Computer: Web Programming
Category: Internet/Web
Number of Pages: 625

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About this title
Written by business developers for business developers, this book focuses on HTML for business applications. Using this guide, professional business programmers like youeven those with little or no HTML experiencewill quickly acquire the knowledge and skills needed to develop and deploy robust, data-driven, Web-based interfaces for their business applications.

HTML for the Business Developer isn't just another HTML 101 book for the masses. It zeros in on those aspects of HTML that pertain specifically to the business environment and covers a wide range of technologies beyond simple HTML to show complete deployment of business applications using an HTML interface. It also explores the most common tools any business programmer needs to develop browser-based applications with enterprise data, such as JavaServer Pages, PHP, ASP.NET, CGI, and JavaScript.

Business developers shouldn't have to sift through every last detail of HTML minutiae. Nor must they become an expert in every Web language out there. HTML for the Business Developer is the business developer's guide to the essence of these technologies. Led by these two knowledgeable and experienced authors, you will be able to develop and implement a complete browser-based business application in no time at all.

With HTML for the Business Developer, you will:
  • Learn the HTML necessary to deploy robust, data-driven, Web-based business applications
  • Discover how other technologies interact with HTML to present enterprise data
  • Enlarge your skill set with not only HTML, but also JavaServer Pages, PHP, ASP.NET, CGI, and JavaScript
  • Understand all of the components required to develop and deploy business Web applications
About authors
Kevin Forsythe
Kevin Forsythe has over 19 years of experience on the iSeries and other platforms as programmer, analyst, consultant, and instructor. He blends a wide range of experiences with a passion for teaching and is the author of numerous articles. Kevin has developed AS/Credentials Courses for Interactive SQL and Embedded SQL. He is a frequent and award-winning speaker at COMMON conferences and other iSeries user conferences.

Laura Ubelhor
Laura Ubelhor owns and operates Consultech Services, Inc., a consulting company established in 1992 and based in Rochester, Michigan. The organization specializes in providing an array of services, including project management, design, development, implementation, and support of business applications. Laura has extensive hands-on experience working with a long list of clients in a variety of businesses with applications deployed on a variety of platforms, including Web-based business applications. She is active in the Southeast Michigan iSeries User group, serving as a board member since 1988 and as president for more than eight years.


Why Another Book on HTML?
How Is This Book Arranged?
Intended Audience
Do I Need to Start from Scratch?
Choosing Development Tools
A Word about Apostrophes

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Browser-Based Applications
What Additional Languages?
What Is a Client?
What Is a Browser?
What Is HTML?
What Is a Web Server?
What Database(s) Are Used?
Where Can I Find Sample Code?
The Development Process
Fear of Web Technology

Chapter 2: An Introduction to HTML
Why Learn HTML?
What Is HTML All About?

Chapter 3: Embedding Images in Web Pages
Types of Image Files
Incorporating Images into Web Pages
What Can We Do with Video Files?
Using Images with Links
Image Maps
Tools for Working with Images
The Do's and Don'ts of Working with Image Files
What about Our Example Page?

Chapter 4: Adding Links and Anchors
How to Place a Link on a Page
Other Kinds of Links
What about Our Example Page?

Chapter 5: Using Cascading Style Sheets
Creating a Cascading Style Sheet
What You Can Do with a Cascading Style Sheet

Chapter 6: Arranging Content
The Purpose of Arranging Content
and Tags

Chapter 7: Web Application Overview
Components of a Web Application System
Reusing Legacy Code
Web Hosting

Chapter 8: Incorporating JavaScript
Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript Compared to Other Tools
JavaScript's Advantages and Disadvantages
What Can JavaScript Do?
How to Put JavaScript into an HTML Page
Data Types
Catching Errors
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Form Validation

Chapter 9: Web Development with CGI
CGI's Uses
CGI Compared to Other Tools
CGI's Advantages and Disadvantages
CGI's Compatibility
CGI Specifications
Putting It All Together

Chapter 10: Web Development with PHP
PHP Compared to Other Tools
PHP's Advantages and Disadvantages
Introduction to PHP
Basic PHP Syntax
Conditional Statements
Multidimensional Arrays
Getting Down to Business with PHP
PHP Error Handling
Working with Data

Chapter 11: Web Development with ASP
ASP Compared to Other Tools
ASP's Advantages and Disadvantages
ASP Processing
ASP Code to Create a Simple Table
Creating a More Advanced Table
Updating Data in a Database

Chapter 12: Java Server Pages
JSP Overview
A Simple JSP Script
JSP Syntax Summary
JSP Implicit Objects
JSP Standard Tag Libraries
Accessing a Database
Exception Handling

Chapter 13: Differences in Common Browsers
W3C Standards and Guidelines
Addressing Differences in Common Browsers
Minimizing the Impact of Different Browsers

Chapter 14: Best Practices
Focus on the Site's Objective
Structure Your Site
Avoid the Cutting Edge
Deal with Coding Issues

Appendix A: HTML Tags

Appendix B: Special Characters

Appendix C: PHP Functions, Constants, Filters, & Parameters
Array Functions
Array Constants
Calendar Functions
Date/Time Functions
Date Constants
Directory Functions
Error and Logging Functions
Error Function Parameters
Error and Logging Constants
File System Functions
File System Constants
Filter Functions
FTP Functions
FTP Constants
HTTP Functions
Mail Functions
Mail Parameters
Math Functions
Math Constants
Miscellaneous Functions
MySQL Functions
MySQL Constants
SimpleXML Functions
String Functions
String Constants
XML Parser Functions

Appendix D: JDBC Data Types

Appendix E: HTML Colors

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