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Subfiles in Free-Format RPG
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Subfiles in Free-Format RPG

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: August 2011
Subject: Programming: RPG
Category: Programming
Number of Pages: 241

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About this title
Kevin Vandever's Subfiles in RPG IV (MC Press, 2000) offered easy-to-understand explanations of subfile concepts plus a bounty of practical examples, advanced techniques, and other cool stuff never before seen in subfile books. Now, this popular manual has been updated from beginning to end to teach subfile concepts and programming techniques using free-format RPG. A comprehensive resource that RPG programmers can use as they advance from basic subfile usage to more advanced programming, this book offers concepts, explanations, and practical examples that reflect current trends.

With downloadable templates that include both the DDS and RPG code, this resource provides the techniques and styles—from basic single-page displays to powerful methods such as recursion, data queues, and embedded SQL—that enable RPG programmers to become subfile masters. With updated code that shows modern methods, such as ILE strategies and free-format RPG, this reference offers examples and techniques you will use over and over as you advance from basic subfile usage to guru-like mastery of subfile programming.

Mastering subfiles is often the defining moment in an RPG programmer's career. This book gives you the concepts, styles, and advanced techniques—using free-format RPG—that will enable you to become a subfile master in your own right.

With Subfiles in Free-Format RPG, you will learn how to:
  • Understand and use subfiles
  • Manipulate database files using subfiles
  • Display multiple subfiles on a screen
  • Use a window subfile for selection lists
  • Manage cursor placement within a subfile
  • Use CL to send messages to a message subfile
  • Use data queues with subfiles
  • Sort a subfile dynamically using embedded SQL
  • Use subprocedures with subfiles
  • Use recursive programming techniques to build subfiles
About author
Kevin Vandever
Kevin Vandever began his information technology career in 1984. Once a young, promising RPG programmer and consultant, he cranked out code, spoke at conferences, wrote articles, penned columns, and published the occasional book. Then, he moved into management. Now Kevin reviews code, approves conferences, and occasionally reads articles, columns, and books. His days are filled with words and phrases like “budgets,” “status,” “deadlines,” and “resource constraints” and no longer with technically charged words and phrases such as “loop,” “pointer,” “compile,” and “Who needs to test?” But no matter how far into management he's gone, Kevin still finds time to interject into every single technical discussion—no matter what the technology, language, or system—the point that the issue could probably be solved using subfiles in RPG. Kevin blogs at and can be followed on Twitter at

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