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IBM Business Analytics and Cloud Computing
preview of book IBM Business Analytics and Cloud Computing
text of book IBM Business Analytics and Cloud Computing

IBM Business Analytics and Cloud Computing

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: October 2010
Subject: Computer: Information Technology
Number of Pages: 129

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About this title
This book is a practitioner's guide to deploying IBM Cognos software and the cloud. If you are a solution architect or an IT architect charged with evaluating, designing, or implementing a Cognos Business Intelligence solution to leverage a cloud infrastructure, this book is for you.

Inside, you will find pragmatic and practical information about best practices and guidelines, as well as specific software and configuration steps to help you achieve success with your Cognos BI cloud solution. Whether you are deploying Cognos 8 BI or Cognos Business Intelligence Version 10, this book will help you:
  • Discover which of your analytical workloads can benefit most from cloud computing
  • Learn from step-by-step instructions how to deploy IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to a cloud environment
  • Leverage best practices for security, performance, scalability, and high availability
About author
Anant Jhingran
Dr. Anant Jhingran is an IBM Fellow and Vice President and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for IBM's Information Management division. He is deeply involved in IBM's middleware in the cloud (including co-chairing IBM's Cloud Computing Architecture Board) and with the technical strategy of products and solutions for databases, content management, business intelligence, and information integration.

Before assuming his present role, Anant led the IBM team responsible for designing and building solutions to meet the requirements of business analytics on structured and unstructured data. He has also served as Director of Computer Science at the IBM Almaden Research Center and as Senior Manager for E-Commerce and Data Management at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center. Anant received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1990. He holds several patents and awards for DB2 and is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.


Chapter 1: Cloud Computing and Analytics
On-Demand Infrastructure
On-Demand Higher Services
Flexible Deployment Models
The Workload Model for Cloud
Cognos Software and Analytics as a Service

Chapter 2: Getting Started
Data Considerations
Security Provider Considerations
Designing and Testing Your Topology
Embracing Linux

Chapter 3: Installation and Configuration
Set Up the Windows Client
Set Up and Configure the Cloud Instance
Configure the Windows Client
Assemble Your Software
Set Up the Database and Web Server
Set Up Cognos 8 or Cognos 10 BI Server
Configure Security and Access
Create a Cognos BI Cloud Image
Installation Variations

Chapter 4: Security Best Practices
Cloud Security Best Practices

Chapter 5: Handling Cloud Topologies
Using the Hosts File to Manage Multiple Images
Example: An Elastic Cognos Cluster with a Single Image
Creating Snapshots Using Private Images
Files in the Cloud

Chapter 6: Performance and Scalability Best Practices
User Community and Geographic Distribution
Application Complexity
Web-Server-Tier Performance and Scalability
Application-Tier Performance and Scalability
Content Manager Performance and Scalability
Post-Deployment Consideration

Chapter 7: High Availability Best Practices
Cognos Gateways and Application Servers
The Cognos Application Server as a Gateway
Active and Standby Cognos Content Manager
IBM DB2 High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)
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