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DB2 9 for Developers
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DB2 9 for Developers

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: February 2008
Subject: Computer: Database Management & Development
Number of Pages: 569

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About this title
DB2 9 is a major release including totally new features, most notably the tight integration of the new DB2 9 XML native data type into the DB2 9 data server. If you're a DB2 developer or database administrator facing the task of implementing DB2 9, this book needs to be on your desk. In it, recognized DB2 guru and top consultant Philip K. Gunning shows how IBM has integrated native XML into the DB2 engine and gives developers and DBAs a detailed roadmap for implementing and exploiting the new XML capabilities.

First, Gunning recaps the basics of XML and explains why XML is so important in today's business environment. Support for standard industry XML schemas is covered. Next, he shows developers how to develop DB2 XML applications, describes the best way to design an XML database, and reveals the optimum way to tune the DB2 XML hybrid database. Because the book is written by an in-the-trenches consultant, readers will find it full of real-world advice. Also covered are practical details on the enhancements and features of the new release and the process for implementing them, along with in-depth examples and useful scripts. The new DB2 9 table partitioning and data compression are highlighted, and DB2 optimization of SQL and XML is discussed in detail.

Gunning also covers XML enhancements to DB2 utilities, such as LOAD and EXPORT, and provides recommendations. He's even included performance considerations and tuning suggestions to help application developers and DBAs develop and maintain high-performance databases with DB2 9.

DB2 9 for Developers goes beyond the manuals and certification guides and teaches not only the why but the how of an expertly designed, smoothly implemented DB2 database. This is a book for DB2 practitioners by the DB2 master practitioner himself.

With DB2 9 for Developers, you will:
  • Discover all the new DB2 9 features, including the DB2 XML hybrid engine, XQuery, XPath, the XDM data model, and more
  • Learn how to develop top-performing DB2 XML applications using XQuery and XPath
  • Understand when to use an XML database design versus a relational database design
  • Receive insight, examples, and recommendations from one of the top DB2 consultants in the industry
About author
Philip K. Gunning
Phil Gunning is the principal of Gunning Technology Solutions. His firm provides DB2 consulting, outsourcing, and remote DBA support to firms throughout North America and Europe. He is an internationally acclaimed consultant, author, and lecturer. Phil is active in IDUG, the International DB2 User Group, and currently serves on the Solutions Journal editorial board. He is former list owner of IDUG's worldwide list server. He served on the faculty of Penn State University as an adjunct professor and now serves on the faculty of Alvernia College as an adjunct professor. Phil is a strong supporter of DB2 certification and holds advanced certifications in DB2. He is the author of DB2 Universal Database Handbook for Windows, UNIX, and Linux as well as an IBM Redbook on DB2 performance.


Chapter 1: DB2 9 Product Overview
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
DB2 Developer Workbench

Chapter 2: DB2 9 Enhancements
Native XML Data Store Support
Application Development Enhancements
Performance and Scalability Enhancements
Installation and Fix Pack Enhancements

Chapter 3: XML Evolution and Revolution
Components of XML
XML-Only Databases
Initial XML Relational Database Implementations
DB2 9: The Revolutions

Chapter 4: The Path to DB2 9 XML Capabilities
XPath Data Model
DB2 9 Hybrid Architecture
DB2 9 Native XML Storage Architecture
Querying DB2 9 XML Data

Chapter 5: Developer Workbench: Developing Applications
Getting Started with DWB
Creating an SQL Procedure
Topology View
Working with XML and DWB
Building an Xquery

Chapter 6: DB2 9 and Service Oriented Architecture
Service Oriented Architecture
Web Service Functions and Protocols
SOA and DB2 9
DB2 Example

Chapter 7: Logical and Physical Design
Logical Design
Physical Design

Chapter 8: Tuning Buffer Pools
Creating Buffer Pools
Dropping Buffer Pools
Monitoring and Tuning Tables, Buffer Pools, and Table Spaces

Chapter 9: The Way to DB2: The Optimizer
SQL/XML Predicate Coding Best Practices
Partition Elimination
Creating Indexes over XML Data
SQL and XML Explain Facilities
DB2 Design Advisor

Chapter 10: Utilities
The XML Data Type and the IMPORT Command
The XML Data Type and the EXPORT Command
Reorganizing Indexes and Tables
Backup Database Utility
Recover Database Command
Restore Database Utility
DB2 9 Data Compression and the INSPECT Utility
Migrate Database Utility
LOAD Utility

Chapter 11: Monitoring
Snapshot Monitoring
Health Center and Health Monitor
Activity Monitor
db2pd Utility
Memory Tracker
Event Monitoring

Chapter 12: Performance
DB2 Memory Model
DB2 Self-Tuning Memory Manager
Instance-Level Tuning Considerations
Database-Level Tuning Considerations

Chapter 13: OS Monitoring: Tips and Techniques
Monitoring Methodology
Scenario #3: Monitoring DB2 on AIX and Linux

Chapter 14: Problem Determination
Connectivity Problems
DB2 Code (Defect) Problem
DB2 Problem-Determination Aids
Sending Information to DB2 Support

Appendix A DB2 Information Sources on the Web
Appendix B SQL and XQuery Limits
Appendix C New Environment Variables in DB2 9
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