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System i Disaster Recovery Planning
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text of book System i Disaster Recovery Planning

System i Disaster Recovery Planning

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: April 2008
Subject: Computer: Disaster Recovery
Category: System Admin
Number of Pages: 634

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About this title
Written to address the special disaster recovery planning issues of System i, this book is your step-by-step guide to developing an effective, workable plan to protect your company's assets should the unthinkable happen.

Businesses today are more dependent than ever on Information Technology. And, faced with threats from natural disasters to terrorism, IT managers must be prepared. To be ready, you must have an effective IT disaster recovery plan in place, and now is the time to create it.

Mapping out all of the preparations necessary for an effective disaster recovery plan and its safeguard—a continuous maintenance program—this guide is aimed at IT managers of small and medium businesses utilizing IBM's System i. Companies that do not have the budget or desire to hire expensive consultants will find this book especially helpful.

In the opening section, author and expert Richard Dolewski covers the initial steps of auditing vulnerability, ranking essential IT functions, and reviewing the storage of tape backups, with the following discussion focused on the elements of the plan itself. The plan includes a mission statement, a definition of disaster, the assignment of staff to teams, methods of compensating for human error, and standards for documenting the steps of recovery.

The final portion of the guide covers the all-important initial testing of the system as well as the proper maintenance follow-up. In this practical book, Richard includes many sample forms and reports and weighs in on the pros and cons of using outside vendors for recovery systems.

Don't wait until it's too late. Use this handy guide to establish your System i disaster recovery plan today.

With System i Disaster Recovery Planning, you will:
  • Discover a step-by-step process to develop, test, and maintain your plan
  • Learn to write a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan for the IBM
  • System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5)—a plan that will work if it is ever needed
  • Find extensive information and advice specific to the special needs of System i
About author
Richard Dolewski
Richard Dolewski is a certified systems integration specialist and disaster recovery planner. He has extensive experience in Server Enterprise Availability, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), High Availability, and Backup and Recovery program design. Richard has supported 18 computer room disasters and conducted over 200 disaster recovery tests. He is an award-winning speaker at technical conferences including IBM, COMMON, IBM Europe, IT Executive events, Quest, NEMA, and local user groups. Richard has held positions as subject matter expert at IBM and COMMON, a member of the Advisory Committee for IBM Business Resiliency, and president of local user groups. He also regularly contributes to several technical newsletters.

Chapter 1: Building a Disaster Recovery Plan—The Need
The Need
Plan for All Types of Disasters
Reasons for Planning
Let's Get Started
Phase 2: Definitions and Risk Mitigation
Phase 3: Server Criticality and Recovery Strategies
Phase 4: Develop the Plan
Phase 5: Validate the Recovery Plan

Chapter 2: Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Analysis
Site Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment Summary
Performing a Risk Analysis

Chapter 3: Conducting a Business Impact and Recoverability Analysis
Starting the Business Impact Analysis
Tangible Costs
Intangible Costs
Identifying Mission-Critical Functions
Outage Impact
Recovery Time Objective vs. Recovery Point Objective
Shifting Focus for Return on Investment (ROI)
The Process of the BIA

Chapter 4: Critical Server Ranking
Classifying Systems for Recovery Priority
Mission-Critical Only, Please
Rank Your Data Backup Priorities
Backups, and Recovery Time and Point Objectives
Critical Systems Definition, A List
Critical Systems Definition, B List
Is Email Mission-Critical?
Hardware Requirements for Mission-Critical Servers

Chapter 5: Building Recovery Strategy Requirements
The Disaster Recovery Challenge
Guidelines for Selecting Recovery Strategies
Market Trends
Recovery Strategies
Data Center Recovery Solutions
Determine the Level of Business Resiliency You Want to Achieve
Overall Site Restoration Strategy Sample

Chapter 6: Backup and Recoverability
Plan for Data Recovery
10 Issues for the Administration of Backups
Checklist for Backup and Recovery
Backup Media Management
How Much to Back Up for Disaster Recovery
Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)
A Simple Save Strategy
Save More with Save-While-Active
Richard's Backup Solution
Backups for Planned Maintenance Windows
IBM's Virtual Tape Solution (VTL)
Duplicate Your Removable Media
Restoration Commands
The BRMS System Recovery Report
How the System Restores Access Paths
Backing Up and Recovering a Domino Server
Hardware Management Console (HMC)

Chapter 7: Your Business Value of Systems Availability
High Availability—Take the High Road
Recovery on Your High-Availability Investment
Is Your H/A Truly High Availability?
IBM's Capacity Backup Offering

Chapter 8: Vital Records and Critical Data Offsite Storage
Vital Record Management
Offsite Storage Considerations
Choosing an Offsite Storage Provider

Chapter 9: Building Your Teams
Selecting Candidates: Pick Me! No, Don't Pick Me!
When There Is Loss of Life or Missing People
Building Your Recovery Teams
How to Work Together
The IT Recovery Management Team
The IT Technical Recovery Team
The Network Team
The Hardware Recovery Team
Application Recovery Team
Facility Recovery Team
Replacement Equipment
Disaster Recovery Preparedness
Administrative Responsibilities
Care for Your Recovery Teams During a Disaster
The Team's Meeting Place

Chapter 10: Effective Communications
Develop an Employee Call Sheet
Who Do You Contact?
Selecting a Meeting Place for the Command Center
Facing and Dealing with the Media
Notification Solution Design

Chapter 11: How to Develop and Document a Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan Development Overview
Ready, Set, Write the Plan
The Disaster Recovery Plan's Structure
Developing and Writing the Procedures
Disaster Recovery Teams Overview

Chapter 12: Effective Plan-Activation Procedures
The Disaster-Alert Notification Procedure
First-Alert Response
Hotsite Call-up Procedures
Recalling Tapes from Your Offsite Storage Provider
Site Restoration Activities

Chapter 13: The Need for System-Related Documentation
A Change in the i5 Philosophy Silos
Write It All Down
I Thought Those Backup Tapes Had Everything!
Collecting and Maintaining System Information
The Prtsysinf Command
Complete Site Loss versus Server Loss

Chapter 14: System i5/iSeries Restoration Procedures
Recovery Procedures
Case Study Sample

Chapter 15: System i5/iSeries BRMS Restoration Procedures

Chapter 16: Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Practice Just Like the Pros
Satisfy the Need for Testing
The Embarrassment of Testing: What If We Fail?
Open-Book Testing
Define a Complete Testing Project
Passive Testing
Active Testing
Disaster Recovery Coordinator Testing Duties
Introducing Murphy's Law
Evaluation of Test Results
Be a Survivor

Chapter 17: Plan Maintenance
Your Plan Design
Implementing a Maintenance Philosophy
Revisit Your Plan—Get into Maintenance Mode
Change Management

Chapter 18: Selecting a Commercial Hotsite Provider
Advance Planning = Hotsite
Internal or External Hotsite?
What to Look for in a Hotsite Provider
Cost Considerations

Chapter 19: A Family DR Plan
Disaster Recovery Begins at Home
Emergency Supplies
Practice and Maintain Your Plan
Personal and Family Requirements
Awareness Training
Information on Family Disaster Plans

Appendix: Sample Documents
Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
Operational Priorities
Operational Impacts
Customer Service
Cash Flow/Revenue
Regulatory (If Applicable)
Increases In Liability
Vendor Relations
Financial Control/Reporting
Mission Critical IT Applications
Server Criticality Analysis
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