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Programming in ILE RPG
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Programming in ILE RPG

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: 2015
Subject: Computers - Programming Languages - RPG
Category: Programming
Number of Pages: 665

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About this title
Since its original publication, "Programming in RPG IV" has given thousands of students and professionals a strong foundation in the essentials of business programming using RPG IV. Now, the long-awaited Fifth Edition, retitled "Programming in ILE RPG," produces the most significant update to this "gold standard" book in many years. The book has been reorganized and updated to the newest software release. It includes exclusive coverage of free-format RPG, new attention to SQL, and expanded emphasis on ILE modules, procedures, and service programs. All-new programming exercises and assignments add even more value for learning.

The book includes complete coverage of the program development process, the newest development tools, RPG IV instructions and operations, creating and using files, program workflow and structured design, arithmetic operations and functions, accessing and updating database files, writing interactive applications, modular programming, service programs, error handling, subfiles, APIs, and more. This book is the one guide you need to learn how to be successful with all aspects of ILE RPG.
About author
Bryan Meyers
Bryan Meyers is well known to IBM i technicians as the author of a number of popular books and frequent magazine articles. His programming, management, and consulting career has spanned most of the IBM midrange history, from the System/360 through the AS/400 and Power Systems using IBM i. For much of that time, Bryan was the IT director for an international hospitality franchisor. He has also managed computer operations for municipal government, international construction, and broadcasting media industries. Currently, Bryan presents IBM i training to organizations worldwide in a variety of environments, including onsite training, video programs, and online learning. In addition to Programming in RPG IV, his books include Control Language Programming for IBM i (MC Press, 2011) and RPG IV Jump Start (29th Street Press, 2001).

About the Authors

1. Introduction to Programming and RPG
2. Getting Started
3. Creating and Using Files
4. Using Declarations
5. Controlling Program Workflow
6. Using Arithmetic Operations and Functions
7. Processing Character Data
8. Working with Dates
9. Accessing and Updating Database Files
10. Processing Files Using SQL
11. Using Arrays
12. Writing Interactive Applications
13. Calling Programs and Passing Parameters
14. Building Modular Programs with Procedures
15. Building and Using Service Programs
16. Handling Errors
17. Programming with Subfiles
18. Working with APIs
Appendix A. ILE RPG Summary
Appendix B. Program Development Tools
Appendix C. Program Testing and Debugging
RPG has been a mainstay on IBM i for many decades. With IBM i now supporting many open source languages, there will be a new cross-section of developers being exposed to the machine, and we need to teach them the latest features of RPG for fruitful coexistence. That's where this book shines. Jim and Bryan have expertly put together a book to meet the needs of one learning modern RPG, complete with 100% free-form and modular coding practices (e.g., service programs), ... how to use the latest tools like RDi, ... and commentary on best practices, so readers can make decisions based on sage advice.
— Aaron Bartell, Director of IBM i Innovation, Krengel Technology

We have been using the earlier versions of this book as part of our "Introduction to RPG IV" classes for many years now. This latest version includes the modern free-format declarations and other recent language enhancements as well as covering essentials such as building and using service programs. It is an essential guide to the language as well as being a great reference document as students progress in their use of the language. Our only criticism is that this version renders our existing inventory obsolete! Highly recommended.
— Jon Paris and Susan Gantner, Partner400 owners and IBM i educators

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